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Denny S

Denny S

Hey! I'm Denny, a VCE Methods (41 Raw), Specialist (41 Raw) & VCE Physics tutor (39), and I'm here to perfect your understanding of these subjects!

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Hello and welcome to your first step in becoming an expert Mathematician or Physicist!

I graduated as Dux of Emmanuel College in 2014 with an ATAR of 98.05 and study scores of 41 – in both Mathematical Methods and Specialist – and 39 in Physics. I also studied an extension mathematics program offered by the University of Melbourne which gave me a deeper understanding and appreciation of maths. I took a Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering at Melbourne University and I am currently finishing up a Masters in Bioinformatics.


There’s nothing worse than listening to a teacher who is clearly not interested in the subject at hand or even teaching for that matter. A student’s dedication and effort are but a single aspect of success in VCE. The way a subject is taught and its concepts relayed are a crucial part of achieving a top percentage grade.

My focus is on engagement but more importantly, inspiration. It is my goal to help students appreciate the beauty of mathematics and the intricacy of physics. To visualise very clearly the mechanisms of these subjects. The success rate of maths and physics students rely on understanding the most grounded and important concepts. It is what allows them to apply the most generic ideas, expand them and apply them to complicated problems.

VCE examinations aim to test your knowledge of the basics of their respective subjects. They are not designed to pick out the Einstein from a pack of 25,000 students. With me, you will effortlessly understand the foundations of maths and physics, apply them logically and demonstrate your knowledge onto paper.


I live in the Point Cook area and can travel as far as Altona (and its “sub-suburbs”) and Werribee. 

My costs are only $42 per hour for private tutoring.

I am available on both weekdays and weekends from early morning to late evening. I am open to answer any inquiries through emails and calls/texts at any time of the day.

Thank you for considering me as your tutor and I hope to hear from you soon. Together we can ensure your VCE year to be a success!