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“The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under his feet!”

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About Me

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I love to tutor English, English Literature, Legal Studies and Media. I feel fresh and ready to begin as soon as your ready. I recently returned from a long backpacking trip around South East Asia. I spent a lot of spare time reading, writing and filmmaking. I rode a motorbike from the bottom of Vietnam to the top with my brother. I also did some teaching at a school in Myanmar that inspired me to re-enter the tutoring game! I already have a year and a half's worth of experience tutoring both individuals and groups.

I graduated from Whitefriars College in 2012 with an ATAR of 94.80. I scored a 47 in English after finishing the year ranked outside the top twenty at my school. I was also Dux of Media with a study score of 42, including 100/100 marks for the year. In Legal Studies, I obtained a study score of 40, largely through applying the writing skills I developed throughout the year in English. I also completed English Literature with a study score of 37. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Communication at RMIT.

Every student has their own point of view and I believe that the goal of all subjects is to find this and express it. Often teachers don't see potential in all of their students and focus their attention on their top performers, because they will best represent the school with their scores. I felt overlooked by my teachers throughout the year so I learnt how to write for myself, and this is why I was able to score well overall, particularly in English, despite being ranked below many of my peers. The examiners are more impressed by students who express their own ideas and perspectives on the content. Many students become trapped in creative subjects like English and Literature simply because they don't think outside the teachers program. Teachers can only teach inside the structures of the curriculum.

As a tutor I will help you by creating goals that will enflame your creative side. I'll open your mind to new ways of thinking about and interpreting the content. Unlocking your self-belief will be a major theme in my lessons, because not only is it important for maximising your performance during exams, but it will allow you to freely think and write for yourself. This will dramatically improve your ability to respond to topics across all of your subjects. You can text or email me any questions you have on anything at all (if you need encouragement, or if your stressed, or not confident about a topic), or any pieces of work you want to be reviewed. I can write critical notes on your ideas and point out grammatical errors in your writing. I can help design and work with you through a year long plan that will fulfil your long term goals in VCE. I can also show you ways that will help you study more fluidly, particularly during the exam period, and techniques to use when your under pressure in SACs and exams. I will aim to instil in you important habits that can be applied to your study routine and to all avenues of life. And I will seek to always challenge you, as a way of helping you grow as a student.

In 2013, I tutored a student who consistently worked beyond his limits. He emailed me almost every day with all kinds of questions. As the year progressed, so did his ability to conceptualise and write. I would often set him tasks at a higher level than the other students I was tutoring to develop his insights on the content and draw him to deeper conclusions. His goal was to score a 40 in English. He scored a 48 and an overall ATAR of 98.50. It was a wholesome experience working with him because I felt gratified in sharing my knowledge and skills and seeing them being applied successfully. A certain feeling arises inside when you enlighten a student, and this is the reason I enjoy being a tutor. I believe I understand the goals of teaching and the goals of learning. And I can work towards these with you for their rewards.


Costs: $45 per hour or $30 per person for group sessions

Location: Blackburn (can travel up to 20-30 minutes for an extra $10)

Availability: All week (subject to change as of July when I know my University hours)

Interested in hiring Daniel to be your tutor?

Daniel J – VCE Media, Legal Studies, English Literature & VCE English Tutor