Clare S – Primary School, Years 7-10 Maths, Chemistry, IB French (SL), IB History (Europe) (HL) and IB English (Literature) (HL) Tutor

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About Clare


Hi all,

My name is Clare and I have recently applied as a tutor at Learnmate. I decided to become a tutor because I genuinely enjoyed my schooling experience and have a real passion for learning and so I can’t wait to share this passion with you 🙂

I graduated Carey Baptist Grammar in 2018 and I completed an IB diploma. I got 42 points for IB which equates to an ATAR of 99.4. I studied History (HL), French (SL), English (literature) (HL), Psychology (HL), Maths (SL) and Chemistry (SL). I attained 7’s for History, French and English and 6’s in Chemistry, Maths and Psychology, alongside 3 points for TOK and EE. I am currently pursuing a double degree of Law (honours) and Arts at Monash University.

I would be happy to tutor English, French and History up to a year 12 level. I would be happy to tutor Chemistry, Maths and Psychology up to a Year 10 level. In addition to this, I am happy to tutor primary school students.

I was a Junior School Mentor throughout my schooling meaning I spent time with students one on one, aiding them with help in literacy and numeracy. In addition, I participated in homework club through my school which is a program that aids refugee children with their school work. I genuinely really enjoy helping others with learning and seeing them progress over a period of time. I know the sense of achievement and satisfaction felt when one reaches their personal goals and to play a part in helping someone achieve their goals is something I am proud and love to do.

Clare 🙂


I am located in the Eastern suburbs and so Kew, Hawthorn, Canterbury, Surrey Hills and Camberwell are all easily accessible to me.

I charge $55 per hour for one on one tutoring and I am available most evenings of the week from 6pm onwards. On weekends I am available throughout the day.

I am also offering online tutoring services! So please don’t hesitate to message me, and we can set up a ‘zoom’ or ‘skype’ tutoring session. I have begun conducting online tutoring sessions with my current students and have found them to work incredibly well for both for primary school and high school lessons!

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile and I hope to hear from you soon! 🙂

Clare is a young, enthusiastic tutor. She has developed a good relationship with our daughter and she is planning weekly tutorials which are addressing the needs we identified and the inception. I’m very happy with the first 4 weeks we’ve had Clare work with our daughter.

James Parent

Clare continues to impress. Clare is punctual, focussed, energetic and positive. Her ability to build a trusting and strong relationship with my daughter and family is just one term is a credit to her.

James Parent

Clare has built a great relationship with my daughter. There is a high level of trust built between them and the results my daughter is achieving at school and in her confidence levels are evidence of the great work that the two of them are doing together each week. I rate Clare very highly.

James Parent

Clare is awesome. Creates a great energy, builds relationships and knows her stuff. My daughter looks forward to her sessions and is really benefiting from Clare’s work

James Parent

My daughter informed my wife and I this week that she has learned more from Clare than she has in class at school, She gave this same feedback to Clare last night.

James Parent

If my 5th grade daughter is looking forward to Clare coming to tutor her on school holidays then I know we’re on a good thing.

James Parent

Clare has continued working with my daughter this year and we see great development and improvement in our daughter’s confidence and in her willingness to adapt to new challenges.

James Parent

Clare teaches two of my sons for their level of maths. She pin pointed my boys weakness and followed up with her own practice sheets. Both of my boys have comfortable with her and bring back their confidence. She also is flexible with days and time when we have issues with school or sports events. She is a great communicator, enthusiastic and always gentle and smiles which give my boys relaxed learning stance. I’d like to ask her for tutoring until they become year 11.

Tomomi Parent

Clare has been tutoring my daughter for 18 months and we’ve seen fantastic benefit from the time Clare has invested in the relationship. Our daughter’s confidence and results have been enhanced greatly

James Parent

Interested in hiring Clare to be your tutor?

Clare S – Primary School, Years 7-10 Maths, Chemistry, IB French (SL), IB History (Europe) (HL) and IB English (Literature) (HL) Tutor