Chris Y – VCE Maths, Chemistry, Biology and VCE Chinese Tutor

“I have what it takes academic and personality wise to aid others in achieving their goals in the areas of maths, chemistry, biology and especially Chinese!”

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About Chris

Hello everyone. Thanks for taking the time to go through my profile. I’m from China and did year 12 in Queensland. I am extremely passionate about cooking and basketball. I really look forward to becoming a math/chemistry/biology/Chinese tutor!


I completed year 12 in Queensland in 2015, achieving an OP (overall position) of OP2, and was one of the top if not the top of all my math subject, chemistry, biology and Chinese. I am currently doing Medicine at Monash University. Since I faced big changes throughout year 12 in terms of both the education system and the country I’m at, I think I am more equipped with the proper means of approach to studying (both mindset wise and effort wise). I think my passion of helping others and my knowledge of how to cope with high school education will aid people in their daily school life. My stories of different countries that I’ve been to will also provide a world vision to the people I talk to.

Before I came to Australia, I studied in the US. At the meantime, I was working voluntarily as a teacher assistant/tutor in my high school, providing revision session and Q&A session of many subjects for students who need help. And because I utilize both rote learning method and concept understanding method both, I believe that I’m in the good position to help others in whichever way they feel more comfortable with. Also, since motivational interview is what I learn in my medicine course, I am equipped with the technique to set goals, plans and motivate students to achieve what they believe is in their reach. And last but not least, as a person who is learning stress management, I think I’m able to help with most kind of coping problems and negative feelings.

Science, math and Chinese are all fascinating subjects. Any of them could be hard to learn and easy to learn at the same time. I wish to breakdown the difficult concept within these subjects, provide buzz word for exam purposes and trigger others’ interest in these subjects. I believe I have decent knowledge of these subjects, and can aid in approaching exams and learning knowledge.

Availability, location and charge

As a full time first year medical student. I am only free on the weekends. That means both Saturday and Sunday will work. I am in city area, so the lessons can be conducted at either state library, or libraries in the University of Melbourne. However, places in south yarra or south bank could be negotiated if that suits the student better. I charge $40 per hour per person. I primarily do one-on-one tutoring but if a friend has the exact same need at any particular week is welcomed to come along ($70 for 2). The student can either choose to focus on 1 subject, or can have questions from multiple subjects. The pricing would not change. During the week, if there is questions about certain specific questions of assignments, feel free to message me or call me, I will be more than willing to answer without extra charging.

Other information

I possess a valid working with children check and have a Victorian police check performed annually as my course required. Thanks again for reading through my profile. I look forward to work with you together to achieve you goal in your fields of studying.

Interested in hiring Chris to be your tutor?

Chris Y – VCE Maths, Chemistry, Biology and VCE Chinese Tutor