Charan N – Years 10 -12 French, English, Economics & History Tutor

Looking to maximise your results in VCE but unwilling to pay an exorbitant fee?

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About Charan

Hello! I’m Charan, a Year 10-12 Tutor in English (44), Economics (42) and History Revolutions (42). I’m here to help YOU maximise your results and enjoy doing it!

I recently graduated as School Captain at Kilvington Grammar with an ATAR of 97.80. I was fortunate enough to receive study scores of 44 in English and 42 in both Economics and History Revolutions. These are the subjects that I will be offering tutoring services for in 2018.

As your tutor, my focus is on cutting out the noise surrounding VCE and by providing a tailored and results focussed approach that can help you achieve your academic goals. Making sure my students fully understand the study design in all of its relevant intricacies, is a top priority for me and this is achieved in an enjoyable and engaging manner. I will be offering tutoring services both online and in-person and at a modest price.

VCE for me was never the alienating journey that it was for many students. I loved my classes and found them to be thoroughly engaging and intellectually stimulating. As your tutor, I will strive to inspire and help you engage with your subjects in a way that a dry textbook or a disinterested teacher cannot and thereby help you take control of your learning and ultimately perform better academically.

Considering that I recently finished Year 12, I am intimately familiar with the current study design for English, History and Economics and can thereby equip you with the pertinent knowledge and skills to help you tackle your SAC’s and exams head on and come out on top.

In seeking to help you achieve your academic potential, I would work with you on both your strengths and weaknesses, to help you deepen your understanding of content, strengthen your writing and question-answering skills and enhance your retention. This is achieved through essay/practice question marking, the provision of model answers, access to my comprehensive set of notes and additional practice questions and resources.



I am flexible with availability on both weekdays and weekends and will endeavour to arrange my schedule around you. I am located in Waterways and am more than happy to meet in the surrounding South-Eastern Suburbs, the city or anywhere else along the Frankston train line.

Online tutoring is also available.

I also hold a valid Working with Children’s Check.

I charge $52 per hour. I am so sure you will benefit from my tutoring that I offer a money-back guarantee! Contact me today and let’s get you onto the right track to achieve success in VCE!

He has been an amazing support and source of information.

Decclan Current Student

It has been 3 weeks since my son has been tutored by Charan for French (year 8). My son has been enjoying it and Charan has been excellent in his communication and teaching. He is prompt, very responsive over emails and SMS as well which is an added bonus. He has been reviewing the school material and provides guidance during the sessions. Charan has provided regular feedback as well.

Rahul Parent

Interested in hiring Charan to be your tutor?

Charan N – Years 10 -12 French, English, Economics & History Tutor