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Cathy C

Cathy C

Hello! I’m Cathy, a Primary School Maths, English and Science Tutor. For those that find themselves quite clueless - again we work it the best way they can establish their connection points in the puzzle.

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Hi there

I am a qualified Quantity Surveyor and graduated with this Bachelor’s of Science degree back in February 2003 from the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane. I attained a fully funded AUSAID scholarship to study this course which was a blessing! I have been a practicing Quantity Surveyor ever since in Fiji, Australia and in New Zealand working for Quantity Surveying firms, Builders, Sub-contractors, as a freelance Quantity Surveyor and as a Quantity Surveying lecturer and tutor at Tafe’s and Universities. QUT has been my latest teaching hub as I returned to Brisbane back in 2017 with my family from NZ due to health reasons of my little boy. As I have had to take on part-time roles in the industry been the primary carer of my 9-year-old son, the casual teaching role at QUT has worked out quite well however, this work depends on the university budget.

Currently, I have registered as a Quantity Surveying tutor online through another platform but this again depends on the students’ demand and awareness of the site. Hence why I have ventured out into taking on tutoring work online through LearnMate. As we found ourselves moving into these COVID19 times, I have had to home-school my 9-year-old son for a few months using online resources but also through ‘old school’ approaches to maintain the balance between the two methods! A challenge at first as being my own son but in the end, we found the rhythm that worked! Quantity Surveying is a profession that deals a lot with estimation of costs and contract administration within the construction sector so Maths and English will be my strengths including Science related subjects. I did take on the Science stream when I was at Secondary School so this would support these subjects as well.

Throughout my career as a Quantity Surveyor, my favourite roles have been the Quantity Surveying Educator which I have done for about 4 years and the other being a freelance Quantity Surveyor. The reason would be I deal directly with my clientele and work with them to find solutions to their problems. In the teaching sphere, it’s amazing what a student actually knows once they find out where they’ve been going wrong. Most times, as I relate with and to them, they calm down and realise they knew part of the puzzle but just needed a little nudge in the right direction – from there; they speed through the rest all the way to the end. Problem solved! For those that find themselves quite clueless – again we work it the best way they can establish their connection points in the puzzle. Once we achieve this, they are on their way to solving the problem! Either way, everyone is different and learns differently – it’s finding what that difference is first then the rest falls into place quite sweetly and surely.


Location – Holmview, QLD.

Costs – $45/hr.

Availability – Monday to Friday. Can work 3 afternoon-nights per week at the most anytime between 4 pm to 8pm.


"Really happy with our Tutor Cathy, she is very attentive to my daughters needs and provides me with regular updates regarding my child’s process. She is a lovely caring beautiful lady and I would highly recommend, I’m so glad we found Cathy 🙂 My daughter looks forward to her tutoring lesson each week." - Jessica, Parent