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Cameron F

Cameron F

Hi! I'm Cameron, a Years 7-10 History, Humanities, English, Music Performance, Drama, Philosophy, and VCE Revolutions, Australian History, Ancient History, English, Music Performance, Theatre Studies, Drama, Philosophy Tutor. My priority is to cater to the needs of the student whilst providing a friendly, welcoming and valuable tutoring session.

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Hello there! Thank you for taking the time to read my profile.

I am primarily a tutor in History with my career specialisation being Revolutionary History, and I have significant experience in many topics of History, including (but not limited to), Conflicts in Asian History, Australian History and Ancient History. I can also assist in tutoring in English and Philosophy as those are both crucial elements to the study of History. As an onstage performer with over ten years of experience I could also advise students in the areas of Music Performance, Theatre Studies and Drama.

I graduated from my Honours degree in History at the University of Melbourne (2020), my Undergraduate degree in History and Criminology at Deakin University (2019) and VCE at Kardinia International College (2015).

History is a significant part of my life and my goal as a tutor is to share that passion and encourage students to take an interest in a subject that can be vital in our day to day lives.

My Honours Thesis examined in great detail both the French and Russian Revolutions and how they interacted and how the former influenced the latter. My Historian career has also included a deep analysis of both the American and Chinese Revolutions as well.

History is known as being a difficult and dry subject, but I believe that anyone can achieve success and join me and my colleagues in our love of History with sufficient guidance. I aim to provide students with the skills and tools necessary to succeed in History whilst also shattering the illusion that History cannot be entertaining and joyful. Studies and experience have shown that those who are passionate about their subject succeed more.

My priority is to cater to the needs of the student whilst providing a friendly, welcoming and valuable tutoring session. My love of History stems from the debates and conversations that the subject encompasses and thus I will engage with the student in a confident and enthusiastic manner, but also treat them like an equal. History is a subjective study and everyone will bring their own experiences and opinions to the conversation and I aim to allow that discussion to foster into a cathartic experience where the student feels that they have contributed to the answers the seek in History.

My services will also include engagement with extensive notes, practise exams, exam questions, phone and email support 24/7, access to tools used by Historians and any other materials the student requires.


I am located in Geelong and happy to tutor in person to all suburbs in the region. I also offer online lessons to anywhere in Victoria.

  • Learnmate’s online learning platform – $40 per hour
  • In-Person – $50 per hour
  • Groups of 2 – $35 per hour
  • Groups of 3 – $30 per hour
  • (A travel fee of $10 may apply depending on travel time if in person)

I am avaliable to tutor during mornings and afternoons on all weekdays, although I am quite flexible with my hours and would be willing to work outside of those times.

I am keen to become your tutor and help you fall in love with the wonderful world of History!