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Callum M

Callum M

Hi! I'm Callum, a Primary School, Years 7 - 10, QCE, IB Literature A HL, Visual Art HL, Philosophy HL, Maths Studies SL, Biology SL, Mandarin SL and ToK/EE Tutor (IB score of 31). I hope I can be an essential part in improving grades in IB, or at any stage in your schooling career.

  • Fill 1Theory of Knowledge
  • Fill 1Chinese SL or HL
  • Fill 1Biology SL or HL
  • Fill 1Maths Studies SL or HL
  • Fill 1Philosophy SL or HL
  • Fill 1Visual Arts SL or HL
  • Fill 1English A Literature SL or HL


My name is Callum, age 18, and I am a 2019 IB graduate, looking to extend my help in English Literature and IB/external exam essay writing.

I achieved an IB score of 31 (89 ATAR equivalent) and understand the steps needed to pass the challenges senior IB presents.

As a specialised skill, I am particularly adept at visual art writing and scored very highly in Visual Art writing (a 6 for Process portfolio and comparative essay). Always enjoy talking about visual art to my clients and to give clarification on complex topics in the subject’s very demanding written work-load. Finished with a 6 in Philosophy HL and Mandarin ab intio. I Can tailor my assignment and exam help to your specific needs, and your location wherever you might be. Love working through challenges with my students in person at a library, but I am also happy using Learnmate’s online learning platform. I hope I can be an essential part in improving grades in IB, or at any stage in your schooling career…


I am located in Annerley and am willing to tutor in person in the surrounding suburbs.

Can travel further south to places such as Sunnybank and Runcorn areas.

I offer online tutoring at any time of the day and am flexible in session times

I am currently offering $25 per hour for online tutoring and $35 an hour for in-person tutoring. A public meeting place such as Southbank state library is always preferred, but depending on your location I can travel to you for in-person meet-ups as well…

Hope to hear from you soon,