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Callum K

Callum K

Callum K
Callum K

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We’re going to turn the tough problems into simple problems. First things first though, let’s understand what your goals are in school and/or life! I bring my sense of empathy and intuition to this process informed by my own experience that helps us tackle the task at hand in the most effective way for you especially! We might end up relating a problem to a video game, or a popular movie, or a fun hobby. We may even come up with new and exciting ideas to think about that we never expected.

I deliberately and intentionally introduce concepts to build lifelong habits and encouraging positive and constructive thought and word patterns informed by some key psychological principles learned through my experience in life and business. I want you to know that where possible, we will be applying our new knowledge as it is received by testing it against our available viewpoints – the problem on the paper in front of us will be transformed into a similar problem but with many more “anchors” that we can recognise and use as tools to help us help ourselves.

I have taught students in the methods of solving “rubiks cube” puzzles, a great exercise for showing individuals that they really are capable of so much when they are given an opportunity to explore their own potential.

I want to be remembered by my students whenever possible as someone who not only influenced them to become better students or learners, but also to realise their value as individuals who may be tomorrow’s leaders and heroes.

These days in my spare time I study computer science and the Greek language and have studied financial markets and portfolio management theory. I am an advisor and co-owner of a food manufacturing business in Melbourne, where I most often play the role of coach and mentor.

I would love to have a chat with you to see if we are going to be a good fit!


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    Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management - Professional Trading Masterclass

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    Established a profitable small business employing and teaching others




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South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

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