Callan N – Years 7-10 English, Humanities, VCE English Language and VCE Revolutions Tutor

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About Callan

Hi! I’m Callan, an enthusiastic and passionate VCE English Language (43) and Revolutions History (46) tutor, and I want to help you achieve your very best in VCE, whatever your goals are! I can also help with tutoring English or the humanities between Years 7-10, whether with writing essays, improving comprehension skills, or just providing extra tips and motivation. Thanks for taking the time to look at my profile.


I graduated from Caulfield Grammar School in 2015 with an ATAR of 98.35, scoring above 40 in five of my subjects. I am currently undertaking a Bachelor of Arts and Laws at Monash University, completing a double major in Journalism and Film. Throughout VCE, my subjects were not the ‘typical’ high-scoring ones; I took no maths or science subjects, and instead focused on my interests and my passions. I strongly believe it was my engagement with the subjects I was studying which led me to my success, and I am hopeful that I can help you find the same interest and passion as I did- and, accordingly, the same success- in your own studies.

I believe that leading a balanced life in VCE is the key to success; recognising there is far more to schooling than just study is what got me my scores, rather than just studying by rote non-stop. Time management, discussion with other students or teachers, interest in my subjects, and having a fulfilling and happy life which school was only one aspect of led me to my own success, and I hope that on top of the course content, I can teach some of the broader tips and tricks I learned along the way to you, too.


Foremost, I work to every student’s own requirements- not everybody learns the same, and I can adapt my teaching approach to suit your needs accordingly so you get the most out of your sessions with me. Whether you learn best through examples, practice questions, lecturing, or discussion, I can accommodate you. I believe that preparation is a large factor of success, and so I will endeavour to go over content in a timely way, rather than all at once, so that during stressful times like leading up to SACs or the exam period we can focus on what you really need.

I am familiar with the current curriculum for all of my subjects, and can also provide many useful tips on not just the essential course content, but also wider tips on exam preparation, improving your writing, and achieving deeper analysis of the course’s content. For example, Revolutions is all about the right blend of facts, depth, and your own analysis; on the other hand, English Language is a difficult and often misunderstood subject, but it ultimately hinges on not only knowing the crucial metalanguage and content, but also having plenty of evidence to back your analysis up. I can help you in all of these areas, from learning how to apply and find the best examples, to developing analytical commentaries, and to perfecting essays. Writing and analysis are my strongest points, and given how crucial both of these are to all of the subjects I tutor, I hope I can help you gain more skill in these areas by sharing some of my own advice and experience.

I am more than happy to not only teach you the course content in an engaging and interesting fashion (students often remark that the textbooks for my subjects can be particularly dry), but will also read over your practice answers and offer advice and feedback in our sessions.

It is important to note that for Revolutions I am familiar with the French and Russian Revolutions. I can provide broader tips in a session on how to succeed in the exam or how to answer and structure responses for the other two revolutions, but not specific knowledge or ongoing tutoring.


I live in the Wheelers Hill area. You’re welcome to come to me, or I can come to you (depending on the distance, a small travel fee may apply); I find it best to meet in a local public library or other quiet location away from other distractions. I hold a valid Working with Children check.

I am currently available most weekdays and weekends- please contact me for my specific availability. I will do my very best to accommodate you in a timely fashion and to whenever suits you most. I offer the opportunity for phone, email, or social media contact seven days a week, so if any questions arise even outside of our scheduled sessions, I’m happy to offer my help.

I only charge $45 an hour for a private, one-on-one lesson. I also charge just $40 per person an hour for pairs, or $30 an hour each for groups of three. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, and I look forward to working with you!

Interested in hiring Callan to be your tutor?

Callan N – Years 7-10 English, Humanities, VCE English Language and VCE Revolutions Tutor