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About Cade

Hey! Thanks for visiting my profile.

I attained an ATAR of 94.75 in 2017 from Werribee Secondary College, achieving a raw 48 in Methods and a 90% in Monash Extension mathematics. Now I’m studying a Bachelor of Engineering (honours) and Bachelor of Science double degree at Monash.

Throughout my time in high school, I had some amazing math teachers. As a tutor, I hope to pass along some of the knowledge, intuition, tips and tricks, and the passion that these teachers have given me, to my students. I believe that developing a mathematical intuition is an essential part of learning and understanding any sort of mathematics, but it is often neglected by teachers who instead make students rote learn formulae. Rote learning has been proven to be an ineffectual method of learning, especially for a subject like Methods where the examiners can give you all sorts of unexpected questions you wouldn’t have seen before. I hope to give all my students some intuition behind some of the formulae or concepts they might have otherwise rote learned, which will help better their understanding, which then of course leads to better results.

During VCE and even now in university, I’ve been helping my friends and peers with any questions they might have trouble with. This has given me experience in explaining topics or solutions in a variety of different ways. This will ensure that I can personalise my explanations to best suit what you find easiest to understand.

As a tutor I can provide:

  • Worked solutions for difficult questions
  • Introducing and teaching new topics
  • SAC/exam preparation and revision
  • Online support throughout the week
  • CAS tips and shortcuts
  • Common mistakes and how to avoid them

Location, Cost, and Availability:

I charge $35 an hour for lessons around the Huntingdale/Monash University Clayton area. I can also tutor in the CBD for an additional $5 travel fee. I am available every day except Wednesday at varying times. Feel free to contact me to discuss availabilities or if you have any other questions.

Interested in hiring Cade to be your tutor?

Cade E – Year 10 Maths and VCE Maths Methods Tutor