Brian O – Years 7-10 Maths, Science, SACE Chemistry and SACE Biology Tutor

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Hello! My name is Brian and I am an extremely diligent, organised and highly social individual who would like to tutor students in Chemistry and Science. I graduated from Somerset College in Gold Coast obtained a VHA 9 (A+) in QCE Chemistry and an 83 in umat (with a raw score of 75 in section 3). I am currently studying a Bachelor of Clinical Science/Doctor of Medicine at Flinders University, Adelaide.

I provide tutoring for Years 7-12 Chemistry (inc. Yr 11-12 SACE chemistry), Years 7-12 Biology and Years 7-10 Mathematics, with Chemistry being my main subject which I have had many students come to me for tutoring.

I have great passion for the subject which I study and tutor and I would like to share my knowledge with other students who would benefit from that extra help. Although Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics are difficult subjects, anyone can achieve the scores they want in this subject with a little guidance along the way. I can provide very precise notes and a variety of practice questions for exam preparation with no additional cost! I am also very good with editing and writing assignments and has always been my strong suit throughout tutoring and my own studies.

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I can tutor at study rooms at Flinders University which are bookable before the lesson. We could also arrange to meet elsewhere such as the state library but I would prefer to be tutoring at Flinders (just let me know where through text or email).

My hourly rate would be $35 an hour for individual tutoring at Flinders university or $40 if we meet elsewhere.

Thank You for reviewing my profile and hopefully I can make your studies an easier one!

Interested in hiring Brian to be your tutor?

Brian O – Years 7-10 Maths, Science, SACE Chemistry and SACE Biology Tutor