Brayden H – Years 7 – 12, VCE Physics, Chemistry, Specialist Maths & VCE Maths Methods Tutor

“Develop your passion for maths and science and get those results you want at the same time!”

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About Brayden

Hey there, welcome to my LearnMate profile! Thanks for checking out what I have to offer in the fields of specialist maths, chemistry and maths methods.

About me

My name is Brayden and I recently graduated from Gippsland Grammar School as vice captain with an ATAR of 97.6. My final results for VCE included a 49 in Specialist Maths, 45 in Maths Methods, 44 in Chemistry and a 41 in Physics. I’m passionate about maths and science and I’d like to take the time to develop both your passion and your skills so that you can gain your dream scores and ATAR in the way that you want to.

Having recently completed year 12, I understand how it can be seen as this daunting challenge for every student in many different ways. Though I found the year difficult and frustrating at many different times, I came to enjoy the challenge that came along with it; the way that I could push myself to get the results that I knew I could get. Alas, hard work is the key.

How I can help you

And this is where I come in. I’d like to help through the challenge of VCE and offer you the support and guidance that got me through to the scores that I wanted and the satisfaction that comes along with it. I’m very flexible in my teaching methods, so if a particular method suits you then I am more than happy to try that method. If you don’t know which method suits you, then we will work until we find the best one for you. Even if VCE may not be your “thing”, I will work with you so we can find a way to make it less of a daunting, horrible year and more of a challenge to work your way through; with me there to help you of course!

In addition to any verbal help, I am more than happy to help with notes and provide any resources that i may have to help you. I’d like to stress the point that each person will learn differently and my tutoring sessions will be tailored to suit your specific needs within the subjects that I offer. Do not hesitate to ask me questions (even if you may think it’s a dumb question), that is what I am here for; and besides, I have already had my fair share of question asking so I completely understand.

Availability & Location

Currently I am available during the following periods:

Monday-Friday: after 3pm.

Saturday and Sunday: Available all day as needed

If these days and hours do not suit you, I am happy to try and work around the dates to see if we can find a time that you can make.

I am also willing to do sessions over Skype if need be!

I am living in Caulfield but go to university in Parkville so am happy to travel along the Pakenham, Cranbourne lines as well as around the Parkville area during the week


For my tutoring services I charge a rate of $52 per hour and am also available for group sessions if need be (price to be negotiated).

Thanks for looking over my profile and I hope you got to know me a bit more. regardless of what you decide, good luck for VCE!

It’s one challenging year but i am here to make it just that bit easier for you!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

I hope to work with you in the future

Thank you for suggesting Brayden for tutoring Daniel. They hit it off well and were quick to delve into a mathematical level way above my head. It honestly sounded like a different language. 🙂

Dan has been quite stressed over his maths, even though his achievement level has been high, so it was great to see him smiling again and feeling more confident about his abilities.

Tan Past Parent

Anthony was very happy with how the lesson went. Brayden was very knowledgable and also very polite. We are organising another lesson with him very soon.

Sofie Past Parent

Louis has told me that he is happy with his tutor. Brayden is organised and well prepared in the lesson. His method of teaching works well with Louis and has helped him improve in just 2 lessons.

Celeste Parent

Brayden has been wonderful for our son in three areas, Maths, Physics and Chemistry. Without his one on one tuition Jack would not have been any where near prepared for the rigors of year 12. Brayden must also be commended for making the effort to cross Melbourne on a weekly basis to assist Jack in his study. As a tutor Brayden asked for very little but delivered so very much. We are deeply indebted to both his skills as a tutor and his commitment to making himself available at all times.

Brendan Parent

Interested in hiring Brayden to be your tutor?

Brayden H – Years 7 – 12, VCE Physics, Chemistry, Specialist Maths & VCE Maths Methods Tutor