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Ben E

Ben E

Hi there! I'm Ben, a Years 7 - 10 Maths, English, VCE Further Maths and Economics (94.95 ATAR) Tutor. Combining teaching of concepts with methods of how to approach assessments, I believe I would be a great asset to anyone looking to achieve a stronger result.

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Hi everyone, hope all who read this are well. My name is Ben and I have eight months tutoring experience in ages from as young as grade two, through to VCE. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience working with a tutor, as it gives me the opportunity to really do some meaningful work, and whenever I get feedback from students telling me how I helped them achieve better results, or have greater confidence in class, it gives a profound sense of joy.

I achieved a 94.95 ATAR in 2016, with scores in the following subjects:

Further maths – 45

English – 40

Economics – 41 (Achieved school prize of commerce – for outstanding achievement in economics)

Now, I will detail how I can help in the following subjects:

Further Maths – My dedication and continual scrutiny in this subject allowed me to achieve such a strong result. Having only dropped below an A* on one assessment, this was a result of not only a strong understanding of the concepts, but consistency in checking answers multiple times. Combining teaching of concepts with methods of how to approach assessments, I believe I would be a great asset to anyone looking to achieve a stronger result.

English – The subject where I saw most improvement over the year, going from B’s to solid A’s and A*’s on all my assessments towards to end of the year. English requires the most copious amount of work in my opinion, but I believe I can help any student in how to organise their study and use their time most effectively. I’m also of the opinion that my analytical and creative skills could benefit any student, no matter what skill level.

Economics – Having already achieved an A in IGCSE economics, before moving to Melbourne to study VCE economics, my background knowledge was strong and thus my understanding of the economics concepts taught was only deepened throughout year 12, I still use the concepts taught to me today in my university course. Thus, I could assist anyone in their learning of economics concepts due to many years of experience studying the discipline.

Primary English & Math – Having lots of experience working with children from a variety of age groups, from helping kids gain confidence in class to helping study for the NAPLAN, my experience in making lessons fun and engaging for children I have found have been greatly rewarding for the students in achieving better academic results and improving their in-class confidence.


I live near St Kilda Junction, so I’m available to travel to most surrounding suburbs, specifically:





Albert Park

Middle Park

St Kilda









Brighton East


Lessons at Monash University Clayton, or its surrounding suburbs (E.g. Oakleigh) could also be organised depending on my university timetable.

  • In-Person – $42.50
  • Online – $35/hour