Isabella O – VCE Media & VCE English Tutor

“See the difference in results with an enthusiastic and driven tutor who genuinely wants to see you succeed!”

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About Isabella


Hello there! Thanks for considering me as your potential tutor for English and/or Media.

I attained a study score of 47 for English and a study score of 40 for Media in 2015 (Dux for both subjects at Catholic Regional College, Sydenham). I am currently a student at RMIT University studying Bachelor of Professional Communication; a degree which has helped considerably in enhancing my teaching and writing abilities.

I am an enthusiastic tutor and always aim to engage my students by providing a fun and interactive environment conducive for study.

Currently I am tutoring both Year 11 and Year 12 VCE students, all of whom are incredibly pleased with their academic progress and results. In fact, one of my pupils who was constantly getting a score of 50-55% on an average, received 80% on her most recent SAC just after a short period of tutoring. This was achieved through identifying the student’s strengths and weaknesses within the subject and working at a reasonable pace that is comfortable for the student. Most importantly, it is through building solid trust between my student and I, that enables us to continuously improve our work ethics and achieve the best scores possible.

Being a fresh graduate, I am incredibly familiar with the current VCE curriculum as well as the changes made to the English syllabus earlier this year. Therefore, not only will you receive support from a tutor who is aware of these changes, but you will have a tutor who has experience in teaching a completely new section of the English curriculum.

Finally, with a strong desire to see my students succeed in both their school and professional life, I will share with you my extensive knowledge of English and Media. In addition to this, you can access an array of my full mark SAC papers (intended to demonstrate only, high quality pieces of writing), sample essays and in-depth notes on how to successfully meet the marking criteria for each subject!

I am always more than happy to provide further assistance through phone and email support so don’t be afraid to ask.


I live in Caroline Springs where I provide tutoring at my place, Sydenham Library, State Library or at your local library. I am relatively flexible and will do my best to accommodate you into my schedule (including weekends), but please enquire for my exact availability.

I am only charging $45 per hour and $35 per hour for group tutoring (2-4 students). So don’t hesitate to bring your friends along!

Contact me today and let’s work together in achieving success!

Interested in hiring Isabella to be your tutor?

Isabella O – VCE Media & VCE English Tutor