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Ashi M

Ashi M

Hi! I'm Ashi, a Primary School, Years 7 - 10, HSC Maths Advanced and Extension 1, Physics, Chemistry and Biology Tutor (97.45 ATAR). I'm a dedicated and compassionate tutor devoted to helping both high school and primary students unlock their academic potential and reach high levels of academic excellency.

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  • Fill 1Advanced Maths / Maths (2U)


Thank you for taking the time to have a look at my profile.

Hello everyone, I’m Ashi. I’m a dedicated and compassionate tutor devoted to helping both high school and primary students unlock their academic potential and reach high levels of academic excellence.

In all honesty, it is really common for students to walk away from their normal school classes with nothing but frustration and disappointment. They feel that it is their fault that they can not grasp a physics concept or how to apply a maths formula. They probably feel the lessons go by without them learning anything. In most cases, they result to only memorise examples enough to regurgitate it in exams (which most if not all cases, the question is completely different). This is how most of my classmates felt in years 11 and 12 (very stressful years even for the best students).

In reality, it shouldn’t be like this. All concepts that you are required to learn in years leading up to year 11 and 12 and in yr 11 and 12 are concepts that if taught well with sufficient explanation/ reasoning and lots of practices do not require anyone to mindlessly memorise them.

Luckily, that was the case for me. With a strong background of science and mathematics developed in yrs 7-10, I was able to pick (without any doubt) all three sciences (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) as well as 2 Unit and 3 Unit mathematics in yr 11 and 12. Some of the hardest subjects you can pick.

I can safely say that I was successful in them too. I scored:

  • Chemistry 96 (Band 6-Highest Band)
  • Physics 92 (Band 6)
  • Biology 91 (Band 6)
  • Maths 2U 96 (Band 6)
  • Maths EXT 1/3U 46 (E4-Highest Band)

So, I graduated from Chatswood High School in 2019 with and ATAR of 97.50. I also achieved a UCAT of 2880.

So Why Me?

  • I graduated in 2019, so I was part of the 1st cohort to sit HSC with the new syllabus
  • I have a lot of experience teaching primary and high school student (specially classmates during yrs 11 and 12)
  • I will provide individualised attention to strengthen their abilities in subjects but also help develop independent critical thinking skills
  • I was lucky to have a strong background knowledge in sciences and mathematics meaning I can explain concepts thoroughly and the student would not need to memorise
  • I can explain concepts in a way that the student can apply it to wide range of questions
  • Since I have studied all three sciences, I can form links between them to make concepts more memorable and learning them easier
  • I actively listen to student’s questions and patiently explain (regardless of their age or stage)
  • I have resources for all years 8-12 that I will share with the student
  • I will help students create tailored study schedules and deadlines for themselves to make their study time more effective and beneficial and allow them to achieve their desired goals
  • Having achieved a high UCAT score, I can point students in right direction to achieve their goal to study med: provide questions, tips, tricks, study plan and more
  • I will help students with their daily homework and important assignments
  • I will create personalised assessments/ quiz for students + worked example to aid in students understanding of subject
  • email support

Tutoring helps students gain in-depth knowledge to achieve their goals, something that unfortunately school nowadays fails to do.



At the moment, I mostly teach online or in-person at home in North Ryde, Sydney. Whenever libraries open again, I can teach at both Chatswood (concourse) library and Macquarie University library.

Costs and Availability:

My hourly rate is between $25-$60 depending on the year level and subject (as well as online/in-person, individual or group). Please don’t hesitate to give me a call for more information