Arushi G – Years 8-10 Science, VCE Biology and VCE Chemistry Tutor

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About Arushi

Hi there! Thanks for taking time to visit my profile.

About Me:

I am Arushi and I graduated from Lalor North Secondary College in 2017 with an ATAR of 94.75. I received Premier’s Award for my language Hindi with a raw score of 49.

I am currently studying Bachelors of Biomedicine (1st year) at The University of Melbourne.

I attained a 39.11 study score in Biology and 40 study score in Chemistry. I want to pass my knowledge to other year 11 and year 12 VCE students. I am also happy to teach science to year 8-10 students. I want to make sure that my students fully understand all aspects of curriculum and be able to easily identify and apply correct concepts where required.

As I joined VCE in mid-year, I am fully aware of the stress and anxiety that comes with it. With teaching in interactive but studious manner I can defiantly help you deal with stressful situations. I believe in ‘working smart not working hard’. Rote learning concepts and reading textbook passively (which is indeed very boring!) will not get you very far, my main goal is to work at my best to clarify the concept that you feel difficulty with in any possible way for example, by repeating, representing visually, showing a video, doing practice question, chatting about it, showing a meme :p or whatever suits you! therefore I do not prefer one teaching method but base it on what is required by the student as everyone is unique. My classes will be structured according to your learning pattern and abilities instead what everyone thinks is ‘the best method’. I am available via phone, emails or text message whenever any kind of assistance is required. I have attended various lectures last year for Biology and Chemistry and I am happy to share the notes which will save you a lot of time. (Biology notes are written by Andrew Douche himself :p).

Additionally, I can help you create a personalised study timetable because what matter the MOST in VCE is time management. I am also Melbourne Student Connect Ambassador and can help you out with future university selection process and smooth transition to uni life.

Tuition Location and fee

I live in Lalor area, I am available to tutor in Lalor Library or Thomastown Library. Tutoring in any other public library will include the transportation fee, which is around $10 for state library. I will do my utmost best to accommodate you into my schedule.

I am charging only $40/hour/student or $30/hour/student if there is a group of 2 or more students.

I hold a valid Working with Children’s Check.

Contact me today so that we can together start creating your way to success and stop creating excuses.

Interested in hiring Arushi to be your tutor?

Arushi G – Years 8-10 Science, VCE Biology and VCE Chemistry Tutor