Anushka S – VCE Biology, Chemistry, Further Maths, Specialist & Methods Tutor

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About Anushka

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My name is Anushka and I graduated in 2014 as dux of Mill Park Secondary College and recipient of the Australian Student Prize with an ATAR of 99.75.

I have graduated from the Bachelor of Biomedicine with first class honours and I am currently studying the Doctor of Medicine at the University of Melbourne.

My raw study scores for the subjects I wish to tutor are as follows: VCE Chemistry (50), VCE Biology (50), VCE Further Maths (50), VCE Mathematical Methods (47). Not only are my secondary scores excellent, but I have continued to succeed at university as well, receiving 90+ on all my completed university subjects. Having successfully completed VCE I wish to pass on the knowledge and skills I have learnt over recent years to current year 11 and 12 students.

Often the textbook can be dry, boring and disengaging not to mention contain irrelevant information or miss critical information therefore my comprehensive knowledge of the study design will make you fully prepared for the all-important exam. I am a firm believer of the notion “study smarter, not harder”. Having recently completed VCE I understand the mental, emotional and academic difficulties commonly faced by students due to stress and disengagement from the content. But my excellent knowledge of the subjects I have listed above will ensure you will receive correct, detailed teachings that will always be focused towards ensuring you receive the best study score possible.

I am happy to provide detailed notes that will cover each dot point of the study design so you will save an immense amount of time writing up notes. Often students waste precious study time writing notes which is not as helpful as doing past examination questions. I will structure my lessons to ensure you receive continuous exposure to past exam questions since these are what I found most useful. Additionally, during my VCE years I attended several revision lectures and collected many useful materials which I will use and offer to all my students. Therefore, giving you a head start for exam revision. I can also provide SAC preparation since I achieved number one ranking for in school assessment for all the subjects I have listed above.

Having tutored over 60 students from elite and selective Victorian schools over the past 4 years has allowed me to diversify my teaching style to suit all levels and collate resources catered to varying difficulties of different schools. Also, leading many study groups of a wide range of students from many selective and non-selective schools during the course of my VCE allowed me to develop my teaching and communication skills especially in areas where an individual is having difficult understanding. So don’t delay and achieve the highest possible results with the guidance of a state topper.


I am willing to tutor at the Lalor library, Heidelberg library and State library. I will do my utmost best to accommodate you into my schedule


I charge only $55 per hour for one on one tutoring and $35 for group tutoring for all my subjects listed.

Interested in hiring Anushka to be your tutor?

Anushka S – VCE Biology, Chemistry, Further Maths, Specialist & Methods Tutor