Anthony K – HSC Biology, Physics, Maths, Maths Extension 1 & HSC Maths Extension 2 Tutor

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About Anthony

Hello! Thanks for taking the time to view my profile, it is much appreciated!

I just completed my HSC in 2017 with an expected ATAR of 99+ while having accelerated 2U maths (97/100) and SOR 1 (48/50) in 2016. Having just completed the HSC, I have all the essential advice and techniques required to succeed and can mentor my students in other areas as well, such as managing stress and motivation. 

Furthermore, I have a tremendous passion for 2U, 3U and 4U maths as these have been my favourite subjects my whole life, as well as biology as seen because I spent countless hours researching for my notes. 

When tutoring, I try to motivate the student(s) in order to help them succeed to achieve their goals. My main goal is to ensure my students understand the content fully, rather than just memorising it, and at the same time making the content fun and interesting to learn!

Since I have just finished school, I have first hand experience of students being bored by old methods of reading from textbooks and copying down notes. I aim to make my lessons unique through things such as asking questions, quizzes, and giving feedback on homework questions.

Throughout the HSC year I have helped a countless number of my peers with any questions they had which helped them greatly.

Also, just having completed the HSC, I am very familiar with the content for each of my subjects and have very useful exam techniques and tips for each one. Since the syllabus is changing in 2019, I will be learning this new content as well to ensure I can continue to help my students.

Part of what I am offering is email or text support 7 days a week, meaning you can ask ANY question you’re struggling with and I will help you. Lastly, I will give you my very detailed notes that I have used which I spent weeks researching using multiple sources and perfecting through reading sample answers.


I live around the Parramatta area, and I can travel up to 30 minutes away via train to your house or we can meet up midway at a library. Since it is the holidays before university, I am available most days but this will change once we get our timetables. However, I will still try my best to accommodate for both of our schedules.

I am also in the process of applying for a Working with Children’s Check and will attain this shortly.

I am only charging a price of $40 per hour, with the price dropping to $25 per hour if with a group – 2 or more students, and the first 30 minutes will be free. Contact me today and I’ll put in my best effort to ensure you succeed!

Interested in hiring Anthony to be your tutor?

Anthony K – HSC Biology, Physics, Maths, Maths Extension 1 & HSC Maths Extension 2 Tutor