Ansu B – Years 7-10, QCE English and QCE Biology Tutor

Provisional Med student at UQ with A+ in QCE Biology and English keen to help Queensland students.

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About Ansu

Thank you for taking the time to check out my page!

My name is Ansu and I am a student at the University of Queensland currently undertaking a bachelor’s degree in biomedical science as part of my provisional entry into medicine. Biology and English had been my favourite subjects during secondary school and I have a wealth of resources and tips to transform your grades and attitude towards these subjects. Since I have walked through the same path you are taking and written the same tedious EEIs and analytical essays as you will, I am confident I can expand your knowledge and present information in a digestible manner.

Teaching method

My teaching method will be tailored for the type of learner you are. While some students are comfortable with text resources, most students, like myself, will do best through visual learning. I have excellent illustration skills, and this is an ability I have successfully used multiple times while explaining biology concepts to my high school and university peers. I will also train you for exams and assignments in English and Biology by deciphering the marking criteria in simple words and taking you through multiple exemplars that aided me during my study. After every session, I will dig up resources for concepts I believe you need more help with and I will be available any time of the day to answer any of your email questions.

Here are just a few perks of having me as your Biology tutor:

  • I have never fallen short of an A+ in biology EEIs so will give you heaps of tips
  • Equip you with information not taught at school so can approach unfamiliar scenarios
  • Dig up additional resources (such as videos) in my own time
  • Illustrate information instead of flooding you with text
  • Test you with practice exams (research has proven practice exams to be one of the best technique for learning!)

Perks of having me as your English tutor:

  • I have always received an A+ in short stories, oral presentations and essays
  • Can peer review your assignments
  • Oral presentation tips
  • PowerPoint presentation tips

General tips:

  • Deconstruct and explain the marking criteria in simple English
  • Help you to organise and structure your time
  • Reply to all email questions any time of the week as fast as possible, free of charge!
  • Last but not least, be a supportive friend!


I am flexible to tutor most times of the week. I do in-person tutoring for $35/hour at my place (UQ College) or public places convened for both of us to meet. I also do online tutoring which is cheaper for only $30/hour (this is a great resource for students in regional Queensland). I hope to tutor you and I wish you all the best with your studies!

I hold a valid Working With Children’s Check.

Interested in hiring Ansu to be your tutor?

Ansu B – Years 7-10, QCE English and QCE Biology Tutor