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I’m here to assist you in the way that’s most comfortable and beneficial to you!

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About Anna


Hello everyone!

My name is Anna and I’m a 2nd-year university student studying a bachelor of health and medical sciences (advanced) at the University of Adelaide (GPA: 7.0). I graduated in 2018 with an ATAR of 98.75 and took stage 2 Biology (A), Chemistry(A), Mathematical Methods(A) and English (A+).

I am open to tutoring Stage 2 Biology of the SACE curriculum in which I am thoroughly familiar with the concepts, question types and assessments. I really loved taking biology while I was at school, but understand that it can be difficult to understand the concepts with all the detail there is, and more so, to nail the marks in a question within a test.

As such, my lesson plan is to, within a 1-hour class, spend 10 minutes catching up on prior content/introduce the topic, 20 minutes explaining concepts and answering any questions related to the topic, and 30 minutes guiding you through some question types (multiple-choice, short answer, long answer, extended response types) related to that content. I’m a strong believer in improvement through practice which is why I think learning to answer questions, and applying what is learnt, is the best way to succeed. I have thus prepared worksheets from questions derived from the textbook and previous tests from SACE.

Of course, if you prefer to do classes any other way I encourage you to help me know how you want to learn. After all, I’m here to assist you in the way that’s most comfortable and beneficial to you! I may also help with assessments such as SHE (A+) and practical write ups (A+).

Right now, I will only be taking online classes which can be conducted on Zoom or Skype. Through screen sharing and other features, I’m sure that lessons will be just as engaging as in person. While you are with me, you can also email me any questions that you may find yourself having that you need answers for quickly and I will try to help.

I look forward to breaking down biology with you!


Location: online classes

Cost: $30 per hour (individual rate)

Availability: Friday and on the weekends, but this is flexible, I am happy to hear what suits you for lesson times.

Interested in hiring Anna to be your tutor?

Anna L – SACE Biology Tutor