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Anna A

Anna A

Hi! I'm Anna, an encouraging and engaging Years 10 -12 SACE Biology, Chemistry and English Studies Tutor (99.0). Contact me today and let’s get you on track to achieve your goals and success this year!

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Hi Thanks for checking out my profile!

I attained an ATAR of 99.0 in 2013 – achieving A’s in Biology, Chemistry and English Studies. I was also awarded two subject Merits for Philosophy and Research Project B and received several academic awards from my high school. From 2014 I began studying a Bachelor of Medical Science, specializing in neuroscience and physiology. During this time I took several Biology and Chemistry topics and gained experience as a facilitator by tutoring a Skills for Medical Scientists topic for first year students. I was awarded several academic awards such as the Chancellor’s letter of Commendation, the Bachelor of Medical Science First Year student prize, invitation to join the Golden Key International Honour Society, and the Summer Research Scholarship. I completed by Bachelor of Science (Honours) year in 2017, where I was again awarded the Chancellor’s letter of Commendation and received a University Medal. Currently, I am in my fourth year of studying a PhD in neuroscience and have been awarded the Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship (Excellence). My current GPA is 6.56.

I want to pass on my knowledge and experience to other Year 11 and Year 12 SACE students to help them achieve their goals and attain the best possible results. Making sure that my students achieve their targets, in a learning style that works best for them, is my priority. I am to make sure they comprehend all aspects of the topic and receive the knowledge they require in an engaging and encouraging, enjoyable but hard working environment.

I have a passion for Biology and Chemistry, and I believe that this comes across when I tutor my students. I am enthusiastic when I tutor my students, helping to foster excitement towards the topic from the student and driving their desire to succeed.

Many concepts in these topics can be confusing and aren’t always explained well or are glossed over in class. I aim to change this and eliminate the confusion and uncertainty! I want to help my students find their passion for the subject, to understand all areas and be confident! I do this by specifically structuring each session towards the student, what they would like to focus on and do this in the way that works best for them.

I am familiar with the current curriculum for SACE Biology, Chemistry and English Studies. Having also undertaken several of these topics in my undergraduate university degree, I have excellent knowledge in many areas, including:

  • Test and exam preparation
  • Writing essays
  • Analysis of text
  • Biological concepts (including: cells and microorganisms, infectious diseases, multicellular organisms, biodiversity and ecosystem dynamics, DNA and proteins, homeostasis, evolution)
  • Chemistry topics (including: atoms and molecules, mixtures and solutions, acids and bases, REDOX reactions, organic chemistry)


Part of my offering includes email support 7 days a week, so if you have any questions throughout the week, I can offer you help as needed. I will provide you with relevant notes as needed.

I live in the Athelstone area and am happy to come to you or organize sessions on-line. I am currently available to tutor weekdays after 5pm, please contact me to arrange a time that is suitable for you. I do not work on Sundays, but Saturday lessons can be negotiated at an additional charge.

I also hold a valid WWCC and a valid South Australian Driver’s License.

I am currently charging $75. Depending on your location, a travel fee may apply.

Contact me today and let’s get you on track to achieve your goals and success this year!