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About Anei

Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by and seeing my profile.

I recently graduated from high school in 2015 at CBC St Kilda, with an ATAR of 96.95, all the while holding leadership positions, as College Captain and Social Justice coordinator, and participating in extra-curricular activities. I am willing to tutor students in Chemistry (44) and Further Mathematics (42).

I would like to tailor my tutoring sessions to meet the needs of different students, as I realise every student is unique in terms of their learning abilities, and thus this needs to be accommodated in sessions.

As well as offering tutoring, I am willing to help with time management skills with extra-curricular activities that come with VCE, as this was something that particularly helped me balance my studies with my responsibilities as College Captain.

Currently I am studying a Bachelor of Science at Melbourne University, specifically doing the subjects of Chemistry, Biology, Psychology and Anthropology and hoping to major in Human Structure and Function.


When it comes to the subjects of Chemistry and Further Mathematics, it is hard to do well by rote learning the material and simply reading the textbook; a thorough understanding of the material is a prerequisite to do extremely well! By making sure that my students understand the material and why certain steps are taken, especially in Chemistry, they will be well equipped to tackle any SAC throughout the year and then the exams. The application of the understanding is also the crucial step and what is tested on the exam and without thorough understanding this cannot be achieved.

I will make sure that students know why there are certain exceptions in Chemistry, for example, and why certain formulas are used, because then they can be confident to apply it in different circumstances.

I take the time to ensure that I am up-to-date with the latest changes to the subject study designs and redirect this change throughout my lessons. Therefore, in my sessions, I would make sure that the content is fully understood and then cemented with exam style questions.

Further Mathematics: I did the modules of Trigonometry, Graphs and Relations and Matrices.


I am a passionate, fun and committed tutor, who understands that students sometimes need time to comprehend concepts and therefore I remain patient until they do so. In addition, I have a myriad of exam papers and concept revisions for Chemistry and Further Mathematics.

The students are always my first priority and hence I also offer phone and email support beyond the hours of tutoring, as some questions cannot wait!


I live in St Albans, Sunshine, Kings Park area, but can go to other Western suburbs. I am both willing to meet at a location or travel to you, in order to accommodate you.

I am available on the evenings of Monday and every second Friday. Regardless, this can be altered to meet your needs.

My rate is only $42 per hour, and only $37 for the first session.

Thanks again for stopping by and I hope to hear from you soon and begin the journey towards understanding, and a mutual friendship.

I am extremely happy with Anei’s tutoring, he has helped me to understand my maths and feel more confident when doing a SAC. Anei provides me with handwritten examples of the units we are working on and this also assists when I am studying for a SAC. I highly recommend Anei, he has helped me so much, he is also a very polite and extremely helpful person.

Santika Past Student

Interested in hiring Anei to be your tutor?

Anei T – VCE Chemistry, Further Maths & VCE English Literature Tutor