Ammar A – Primary School, Years 7 – 10, WACE English, Modern History, Ancient History, Economics, and Politics and Law Tutor

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About Ammar


English as a language is a passion of mine. My name is Ammar and I’m a biomedical science student that saw great success in high school and university because of effective and unforgettable teachers and their techniques. Whatever your ability may be, the foundation of my commitment to tutoring you is the same as that of a teacher: I aim to educate you or your child in English in the most effective and engaging way possible.

My Credentials:

  • 98+ ATAR;
  • 90+ English Average;
  • 85+ English Literature Average;
  • UNSW Writing Competition High Distinction x 3; and
  • Accredited in Academic and Business Writing by the University of California, Berkeley.

Experience and Background:

I began tutoring when I was in year 10, much to the amazement of my parents and peers, and I have been tutoring high school English and WACE English for just over 3 years now in various settings – small and large groups, one-on-one private tutoring, and online settings – and currently have 9 private students.

Tutoring Methodology:

Making the impossible tasks and topics become possible: I lay out an easily achievable model to help students conquer their tasks and build their knowledge from definitions and concepts through real-life examples linking impossibilities directly to the syllabus and relevant theory.

Effective summaries of a topic: I’ll teach the relevant parts of a topic and distribute time during lessons to summaries, as well as provide bonus information that I will make students aware of during the sessions, that are a surefire way to impressing their teachers and markers.

Engagement through question-based learning and whiteboard: As a passionate English tutor, I like to narrate my sessions and teach topics like a story, engaging my students while simultaneously asking students to apply their knowledge by answering my questions to crystallize their understanding.



I am located in Wembley Downs, and can provide in-person tutoring as well as online tutoring and lessons.

I am available everyday of the week from 4pm until 9pm, and my hours are even more flexible if you opt for online tutoring.

I charge:

  • $40 per person per hour of group tutoring;
  • $45 per hour for online tutoring; and
  • $50 per hour for in-person tutoring as I have to cover the cost of travel.

Thank you for reading and please feel free to contact me about tutoring or any details on my profile.

Interested in hiring Ammar to be your tutor?

Ammar A – Primary School, Years 7 – 10, WACE English, Modern History, Ancient History, Economics, and Politics and Law Tutor