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Alice J

Alice J

Hi! I'm Alice, a Primary School, Years 7 - 10, VCE English, Japanese SL and Studio Arts Tutor (98.50 ATAR). I aim to be a tutor that helps students achieve their full potential by enriching and reinforcing their genuine passion and interest for subjects.

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Hi! My name is Alice and I graduated in 2020 with an ATAR of (98.50) including a RAW (47) for English, (42) for Japanese SL and (43) for Studio Arts (Top Arts exhibitor 2021). I am currently a first-year student at the University of Melbourne, studying Arts with a major in Psychology. Thank you for having a look at my profile.

As a recent graduate myself, I believe that an enthusiastic teacher and motivated student are the key ingredients to attaining personal academic goals and achieving success. This is why I aim to be a tutor that helps students achieve their full potential by enriching and reinforcing their genuine passion and interest for subjects.

I am able to provide tutoring for:


I strive to teach students how to tackle prompts in a more simplified manner, so as to create sophisticated and insightful responses that link well to the given topic. I will also share my personal study tips and notes that saved hours of rigorous study, helping students to direct their revision towards the key components that make a comprehensive yet succinct essay. Since Year 10, I have maintained an A+ average on all my test, exams and SACs and can help you achieve this too!


Having studied Japanese for 6 years, as well as being multilingual in 4 different Asian languages, I am passionate in both learning and teaching Japanese. More specifically, I will strive to help you improve your Japanese reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, improving SAC scores and assisting with directed study for the final exam. As someone who has lived short-term in Japan, I will help to convey the cultural intricacies of the language that are integral to a deeper understanding of the language itself. Languages, as well all know it are reliant on memorisation on consistency, for which I have a plethora of techniques and tricks that I have acquired over my language learning journey.

Studio Arts

The VCE art course is quite open ended and workload heavy, which is why it is important to form a plan. I have a comprehensive knowledge of the course which I will use to help simplify what you need to do, what boxes to tick to appease assessors, and how to lay out your folio to achieve high marks. I will help you use simplified language and teach keywords to use in your sac responses, as well as help you build a strong understanding of the theory behind art. As a Top Arts Exhibitor (2021), I am very passionate about creating, and will help you think creatively and develop your ideas, visual style and technical skills.


I have comprehensive and extensive notes for each subject, practice exams and essays, which will be provided to all students free of charge.


I am located in Hawthorn East but I am happy to travel to neighbouring suburbs (Glen Iris, Camberwell, Toorak, Burwood, Malvern East) and the city. I am available for both in-person and online tutoring and more than happy to do group tutoring as well!

For privacy reasons, I only tutor at public libraries (Hawthorn Library, Malvern Library, State Library and RMIT Library etc.) for in-person tutoring.

I am available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. (Please contact me if you are looking for weekend tutoring sessions.)

I charge:

$50 per hour for individual sessions

$40 for groups of two