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Alex N

Alex N

Hey! I'm Alex, a VCE English, Accounting, Chemistry, Further, Methods and VCE Specialist Maths Tutor, and I’m super passionate about helping students achieve their full potential!

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Hey there! Thanks for visiting my profile!

I’m Alex, a VCE tutor for English, Accounting, Chemistry, Further, Methods and Specialist Maths. I’m super passionate about helping people achieve their full potential, and nothing makes me happier as a tutor than to see my students succeed and reach their VCE ambitions!

I graduated from Vermont Secondary College last year with an ATAR of 98.00, with raw study scores including 46 in Further Maths (2014), 44 in Accounting (2014), 41 in Chemistry and 41 in English. I also attained the 1st place SAC ranking at Vermont Secondary in both Chemistry and English, as well as 2nd place in Further Maths and Accounting.

During my time at Vermont Secondary I was awarded:

  • High Distinction in the Mathematics Challenge For Young Australians three times, including one perfect score
  • High Distinction in the Rio Tinto Big Science Competition
  • Distinction in the UNSW Mathematics competition three times

I’m currently studying a double degree of Science and Commerce at Monash University, where I plan to major in both Economics and Applied Mathematics. The units I’ve undertaken in my degree to date have enhanced my knowledge of the sciences (maths and chemistry) far beyond that of the VCE curriculum, ensuring that no VCE problem will be too big to tackle!


I’ve been tutoring since the start of 2016 and this experience, as well as my personal VCE experience has taught me plenty about what it takes to achieve good grades, in particular in terms of your mentality and mindset, and it’s these skills that I can use to help you achieve your goals.

Although I’m only fresh out of school, I believe this is actually a strength as a tutor because it means I’m very familiar with how to achieve in VCE subjects. 

I pride myself on being a very dedicated tutor, and as such I will always read the English texts my students are studying and familiarise myself with the ideas of the text to best assist you. I also make sure I’m up to date with any changes to study designs.

I also provide self written notes (nothing generic or internet sourced) to all my students for all subjects, and have a vast store of practise exams for every subject to ensure that you have the tools needed to succeed.

My comprehensive knowledge of all my subjects, as well as how exams are structured and all the tricks to beating them means I can help you with:

  • Exam and SAC revision and preparation
  • Understanding key concepts and ideas
  • Feedback on any work submitted, including practise exams and essays (12 hour turnaround guaranteed)
  • 24/7 support through your preferred communication type (text, email, Facebook, your choice!) for whenever you get stuck on a tricky question


I’m located in Bayswater, so I can tutor in any of the local libraries in the Eastern suburbs, as well as both my house or yours, whatever works for you!

Available days : Tuesday and Wednesday

I only charge a very reasonable $55 for private (one-on-one) lessons, with the first lesson at half price! However if you come to me, then my rate is only $45!!

Enquire now if you want to have a chat about my tutoring and begin the road to success!


"Continuously bringing great organisation, dedication and a constant happy vibe to tutoring sessions which is undoubtedly a key factor to a student’s development… and Alex ticks all these boxes! He is very well educated on the subjects he teaches and aims for students to be the best they can be, as well as having great flexibility with his university schedule. I truly appreciate his efforts.

As a tutor I found Alex great, I was able to learn a lot from him in a short amount of time which was amazing. Alex explained questions to me in ways I could understand and taught me ‘shortcuts’ in doing things such as the earliest start time [for further maths]. I found him to be a great help to me during year 12 and I really appreciated him giving me his time to learn and how you helped explained English to me. Thank you for everything 🙂

I’m happy to say that Alex has been terrific to date and in fact the kids’ teachers have commented how much of an improvement they’ve seen in their work since tutoring began.

He explains things in a way I understand." - Nathan, Current Student