Alex C – WACE Politics, History and WACE English Tutor

“Learn from a very experienced tutor in Politics, History and English who has achieved great results! “

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About Alex

Hi everyone! Thanks for taking the opportunity to have a look at my tutor profile!

I recently graduated high-school in 2017 with an ATAR of 98.25. I have a great passion for my subjects, and while in year 12 I was the top of my year 12 cohort for Politics and Law ATAR, achieving a final mark of 96% I received 86% in Modern History, 83% in English and 87% in Accounting and Finance. I am an experienced tutor with over 2 years’ experience with high-school tutoring. My tutoring methods are not only engaging, but make learning fun, especially with subjects that many students may find boring.

I have a passion and love for the subjects I tutor and love to pass my enthusiasm onto my students. I am very passionate about History, Politics and English and love to share my enjoyment with my students. I am enthusiastic and energetic, but also relaxed and calm and take things slowly so that each student can get the maximum benefit from my tutoring program.

I love to help all students, no matter their ability to nail their goals! I make learning engaging and fun and I have methods which are flexible to suit each student. I have devised many ways of making sure that students get maximum enjoyment out of tutoring sessions, but also that they improve their results and build a passion for learning.

I am very familiar with the Politics and Law Units 3 + 4 syllabus, Modern History Units 1,2,3 and 4 units, English units 3+4 and Accounting and Finance units 3+4. I focus on;

  • Test and exam preparation and specific techniques to tackle questions.
  • Content knowledge
  • Assessment tasks specific to each subject.
  • Proof reading assignments/tests.
  • Providing insight for areas of improvement.
  • All areas of content-based learning.
  • All areas of the syllabus/s

I am available for contact at anytime from my students. I will provide notes, practice exams and resources to help the student refine their craft. I can offer extra help over the phone or through email and will always endeavour to answer queries as quickly as possible!


I am available 7 days a week at various times (please see my availability calendar). I hold a driver’s license so I am able to meet you to conduct tutoring services. I live in Leeming and I am able to travel to nearby suburbs to conduct tuition. I only charge $40 an hour for this full and comprehensive service.  I hold a valid Working with Children Check as well. If I am unavailable at a particular time I will do my very best to accommodate you into my schedule.

Thanks for checking out my profile and please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me!

Interested in hiring Alex to be your tutor?

Alex C – WACE Politics, History and WACE English Tutor