Akhila P – VCE English Language Tutor

I have a personal, flexible approach to tutoring that foregrounds the needs of the student.

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About Akhila


Hello, my name is Akhila – a Linguistics undergraduate and experienced tutor for VCE English Language having achieved a 49 (raw). I’m here to help you achieve your goals.

I graduated in 2016 with a study score of 49 in English Language, as well as a 42 in Biology and a 45 in Psychology with an ATAR score of 98.15. I tutored with LearnMate in 2017 for VCE English Language, and I currently major in Linguistics at Monash University studying a Bachelor of Arts/Science. I received the subject award for VCE English Language in 2016, as well as the Academic Excellence award that year, and for my efforts managed to achieve the Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship for Excellence at Monash.

I absolutely believe that students can improve their performance in their VCE subjects and I have a personal, flexible approach to tutoring that foregrounds the needs of the student.

I know that many students opt for English Language as their requisite English subject, however find the terminology and concepts difficult to understand. I can use the deeper understanding I have gained through my university studies to explain these concepts more thoroughly than teachers often have time to. English Language is easily relatable for any student because language is all around us and affects us constantly, and my aim is to illuminate to students how this happens and how language works on a systematic level.

I am committed to maximising the time the student has with me in developing not only their knowledge of the content, but key writing skills which are essential to SACs and the final exam, as well as developing a student’s resource bank of study skills so they are prepared for the year ahead.

I provide to students:

  •  detailed feedback for essays, short answer questions, and analytical commentaries
  •  personal model responses
  •  detailed quotes bank
  •  techniques for finding media examples
  •  and many more additional notes for no extra cost


With the current situation regarding COVID-19, I conduct all tutoring online using Skype or Zoom depending on the student. I am available every day of the week except Thursday (including weekends) and I am very flexible with time.

I also provide a free initial 30 minute consultation to ensure the online session goes smoothly as well as to identify the student’s goals.

  • Individual – $42.00 per hour
  • Group of 2 – $32.00 per hour (each)

I also hold a valid Working with Children’s Check.

Thank you for clicking on my profile, wishing you all the best for VCE!

Interested in hiring Akhila to be your tutor?

Akhila P – VCE English Language Tutor