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As a passionate and enthusiastic VCE tutor, my number one priority is student satisfaction and success!

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About Abbey


Hi there! Thanks for visiting my profile. My name is Abbey and I graduated from Glen Waverley Secondary College in 2015 with an ATAR of 99.70. In 2019, I will be tutoring English Language (50 & Premier’s Award), Global Politics (50 & Premier’s Award) and Legal Studies (50). I am currently undertaking an Arts/Law double degree at Monash University, with a major in International Relations and a minor in Linguistics. As a result, my university studies serve to complement the content that I tutor, meaning that I am extremely passionate about what I teach. I would love to pass on the knowledge I have acquired to future VCE students in order to assist them to reach their full potential in these subjects.

Making sure my students fully comprehend all aspects of the curriculum is my top priority and this is achieved by teaching my students in a fun, studious and engaging manner. I’m a strong believer that trust, honesty and friendship are crucial in the tutor-student relationship, not only to achieve great results, but in order to give my students the confidence to challenge and question ideas, and to think critically and independently.

Further to this, I am extremely passionate about these three subjects and I believe this was a key factor linked to my success. I would love to share my enthusiasm and engagement with my students, in order to assist them to discover their own passion and desire to learn in these subjects. Many students often remark that textbooks and course materials are quite dry; therefore, my mission is to show my students how these subjects link to everyday life, and how they can be applied to real world situations. Not only will this make learning more enjoyable, it will assist to consolidate knowledge of the overall ideas underpinning the course in all three subjects.



  • Extensive knowledge of metalanguage and its application
  • Assistance with essay-writing
  • Familiarisation of texts
  • Assistance with Analytical Commentaries
  • Assistance with Short Answers
  • SAC and Exam Preparation
  • Assistance with other coursework
  • Study techniques and revision strategies



– All aspects of Unit 3 AoS1, including, states, challenges to state sovereignty, intergovernmental organisations, non-state actors and TNCS, in line with the revised Study Design which commenced in 2018.

– Unit 3 AoS2, Power in the Asia-Pacific region, with a focus on Australia.

– Unit 4, AoS1, human rights and people movement.

– Unit 4, AoS2, armed conflict and terrorism.

– Application of key skills to content in the form of both short answer and essay questions.

– Integration of contemporary examples with course content

– SAC and Exam Preparation

– Assistance with other coursework
– Study techniques and revision strategies

*If you are studying a different state for U3 AoS2, or different ethical issues/crises for unit 4, I’m more than happy to negotiate with you so we can learn together.


– Comprehensive knowledge of all Areas of Study.

– SAC and Exam Preparation

– Assistance with coursework
– Study techniques and revision strategies



I live in the Glen Waverley area, so you are more than welcome to come to me. I will also be offering tuition over Skype, to ensure that I am able to cater for the needs of all students, irrespective of location. I am available all weekday evenings, subject to other personal commitments, however, I will make every effort to accommodate you into my schedule.

Part of my offer includes email support 7-days a week, to ensure that I can answer any questions you have outside of lessons. I will also include any relevant resources you may need for each subject. I want the very best for each of my students, and my goal is to work with you to see you reach your full potential.

I am only charging $52 per hour for private one-on-one tutoring lessons. Consultation and support outside of lessons will be free of charge, unless otherwise specified.

If you would like to organise a session with me, please contact LearnMate and I will be in touch shortly. Thank you so much for your time; I can’t wait to work with you in 2019!

Interested in hiring Abbey to be your tutor?

Abbey D – VCE English Language, VCE Global Politics and VCE Legal Studies Tutor