Aaron H – Years 7 – 12, WACE Ancient History, Chemistry, Physics & WACE Maths Methods

Make learning fun again with the help of a high achieving recent graduate.

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About Aaron

Hello, thank you for taking the time to view my profile.

My name is Aaron and I am a 2016 graduate from Perth Modern School who obtained a 93 ATAR, I have now moved to university where I am studying a course that is very maths and science heavy. It is my hope that as a tutor I can help to instil a love of learning in students that will last a lifetime.

During my own experience with WACE I studied chemistry, physics, ancient history and maths methods, scoring highly in each subject. Throughout my studies I have also studied many other subjects and can provide assistance in all sciences and math at lower levels.

It is my belief that for learning to be effective learning must be fun. Textbooks are often described as boring, dry and disengaging, my ideal for learning is to leave the textbook behind and to learn by doing. Making the subject fun by practically experiencing the subject matter, playing with it and linking it to the student’s interests. Students shouldn’t just be told the answer’s, they need to be directed to find the answers for themselves to build confidence and understanding.

I am more than happy to work with students of any age from primary school right through to the dreaded WACE and can travel throughout the Perth region.

I also invite students to send me any questions they have during the week if they come up against anything that is causing issue.

I have a valid working with children card and have a good deal of experience working with children.


I am available all days but Wednesday but keep in mind depending on how long it takes me to get to you I might not be able to start until a bit later in the afternoon.

This is all for the low low price of $40 an hour.

Explains things thoroughly and in a manner I can understand.

Susan Past Student

Interested in hiring Aaron to be your tutor?

Aaron H – Years 7 – 12, WACE Ancient History, Chemistry, Physics & WACE Maths Methods