Marking Policy – LearnMate

LearnMate has a marking policy in place to ensure that all tutors and students are treated fairly.

Part of having a tutor through LearnMate is that many of our tutors provide free corrections and support outside of normal lesson hours. Per our policy, tutors are allowed to provide free consultation outside of their lessons, or they can nominate to charge for additional help. It is entirely at their discretion whether or not a charge will apply, however, many factors will determine the decision as to whether a charge would be levied for outside support, such as:

  • The amount of work to be corrected:
    • Sometimes if a student requests the tutor to correct an abundant amount of work that requires an extended period of time to correct, then the tutor has the right to charge for this.
  • The time of the year:
    • Sometimes during busy assessment periods as well as exam times, some tutors may decide to charge extra for marking especially if they have many other students’ work to correct.
  • Their own commitments to other students as well as yourself:
    • If the tutors has a vast range of students in different locations, sometimes it can be hard for them to appropriately manage all corrections. To ensure consistent standard of marking, a tutor may decide to apply an additional charge.

The amount charged will depend on the type of the work, the amount of time it takes and the subject. LearnMate advises that you chat to your tutor directly to discuss any charges for marking additional work, and if charges do apply, the tutor should advise you on a total cost. In addition, feel free to visit their profile where they should stipulate their additional marking or outside support charges.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation. We look forward to continually providing you with the best services possible!

Marking Policy – LearnMate