Maintaining Mental Wellness in Year 12: 2017


This article was written by Shannyn, a current WACE tutor. Shannyn currently is accepting students, so if you’re interested in her services, please go here

The path to success

As unfortunate and disheartening as it sounds, caffeine is not the solution to the extensively overwhelming experience of year 12. Although this is admittedly the resort of many prolonged study periods too often sleep-deprived students, there is, fortunately, more effective approaches to maintaining sanity (and a stable heart rate) during this time. As cheesy as it sounds, year 12 as enjoyable and as positively rewarding as the attitude you are willing to undertake.

Most students would primarily associate year 12 with constant study and stress, however, it can be better thought of as a rewarding and self-indulging small period of our lives. These thoughts are ultimately the game changer for mental health maintenance during this important yet enjoyable time, although often seemingly impossible, thinking positively with a hopeful attitude regardless of what you are approaching is the first step to achieving your personal wellness. If there seems to be a barrier between attaining this attitude, do something that you love, something that you enjoy doing, whether it be simply baking muffins or completing a triathlon, it will put everything back into perspective and more importantly, clear the mind of negativity.

There is nothing like obtaining a routine in life, and realistically, it is difficult, but ideally, it is an effective way of approaching studies. Understandably, a study plan with such precision in terms of time and subjects is never strictly followed, but more flexible, a routine can be developed in terms of bed and meal times. Eat breakfast, get enough sleep, have a reasonable period of time to study, continue to snack (preferable healthily), you will find your body responds well to actions that are wholesome yet easy to achieve.

An often forgotten yet nevertheless very effective approach to year 12 is constant communication with your teachers. Feel nothing but ashamed to seek help if you are struggling, they will be more than willing to see you actively addressing your needs rather than letting them slide. Malcolm Forbes once said, “educations purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one”, and this holds nothing but truth in that your openness to learn and seek help if required significantly overshadows simply completing set tasks and leaving it at that. Be open and honest about what you do and don’t know, and you will find this will reflect your mentality in year 12 and become a shadow of belief and brightness. This openness continues to have ongoing importance within life so why not start now?

Last but definitely not least, seek help from an inspiring and experienced Learnmate tutor. Tutoring is not simply teaching, but more so addressing the mental side of things by being realistic. We all know the ideal extent to which we wish to memorise and know the certain content, but realistically this is not possible. Personally I, and without a doubt, many other tutors, have experienced the highs and lows of year 12 in recent times, and are more than willing to use our experience to guide you and maximise not only your knowledge basis but more importantly, the rewarding experience of this short period of time.  It’s challenging, its overwhelming at times, and it’s seemingly never-ending, but it will be over before you know it, so be the change that you need to maximise your mental wellness and build the shadow of belief, regardless of the path you have to take.

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Maintaining Mental Wellness in Year 12: 2017

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