Video Introduction – Get Ahead of the Pack!

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Want to get ahead of the pack and have a profile that stands out? Want to appear more authentic and personal with your prospective students who visit your profile page? Then, why not set up an introduction video on LearnMate!

But first! What are video introductions? These are videos that under one minute (or around a minute) that will be placed at the top of your profile page (see attached image), just before any content. It will present a good opportunity to showcase your communication skills, personality, professionalism and enthusiasm all in one simple video. This ultimately will allow clients to make a better and informed decision as to who to select.

Interested in participating? It will only take a short moment of your time to get it all organised. Participation is entirely optional! Find out more here:

You can also see an example here (thanks Sophie!):

Video Introduction – Get Ahead of the Pack!