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Confirming a Lesson was Attended, Missed or Cancelled on the Learnmate Site

Confirming a Lesson was Attended, Missed or Cancelled on the Learnmate Site


Tutors are paid every Tuesday for lessons marked as ‘Attended’ or ‘Missed’ up until Monday 11.59pm the night before.

Once a lesson has occurred, been cancelled or missed you should seek to mark it accordingly in your Learnmate calendar within 24 hours. This ensures that if the customer is to be charged for the lesson, payment is processed automatically and ensures you are paid for the lesson in Learnmate’s next pay cycle. As per Learnmate’s Tutor T&Cs, you are required to do this no later than 7 days following the date of the lesson.

How do I update the status of a lesson?

You can do this by logging into your online account and navigating to the ‘Calendar’ section. Once you’re there, find the relevant lesson in your calendar, click on it, then click ‘Complete’ as shown below.

Once you have done that, you will have the option to mark the lesson as either ‘Attended’, ‘Cancelled’ or ‘Missed’.

1. Mark a Lesson as ‘Attended’: You should mark a lesson as attended if the lesson took place and was attended by you and the student(s).

2. Mark a Lesson as ‘Cancelled’ or ‘Missed’: If a lesson was cancelled or missed, you can also mark it accordingly. Please see Learnmate’s Cancellation Policy for further terms and conditions relating to cancelled and missed lessons and whether the customer may be charged for these lessons. Generally:

(a) Mark a lesson as ‘Cancelled’: If the lesson was cancelled and you do not want (or do not have the right) to charge the customer for the lesson;

(b) Mark a lesson as ‘Missed’: If the lesson was missed or cancelled and Learnmate’s Cancellation Policy provides that you can charge the customer for the lesson. This would include where the student did not have a valid reason for missing the lesson or cancelled the lesson without providing the notice required under Learnmate’s Cancellation Policy.

Important Information

All payments from customers are processed through Learnmate by automatically charging a customer’s nominated credit card once a lesson is marked as ‘Attended’ or ‘Missed’.

As per Learnmate’s Tutor T&Cs, tutors are prohibited from collecting payment from a customer by cash or bank transfer or any other payment method not supported by Learnmate.