Logging a Lesson with LearnMate – Step by Step Process

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Logging your lessons with LearnMate is simple! Whenever you receive a client from LearnMate via email/text, and you successfully organise a time with them, you must follow the instructions below. Failure to do so is a breach of our terms and conditions and will result in termination if breached.

Note: to add group lessons (lessons with more than one student), read the instructions here.

Note: are you wanting to charge a student for correction of work? Read the instructions here.

The below instructions explain each of these 4 above steps in the image in more detail:

1. Login to your personal LearnMate account here: https://learnmate.teachworks.com/accounts/login

2. Click on the ‘Calendar’ button at the top of the page and click on ‘Add Lessons’ as shown below.

3. Once you organise a time with the student, you’ll be able to schedule lessons as shown in the image below. Make sure you ALWAYS double check the information you submit with LearnMate as inaccuracies can cause inconvenience for your students in that they may receive the wrong invoice!

4. Once the lesson has occurred with the student, mark the lesson as ‘Attended’ within 24 hours. The client will then be charged and you will be paid. You can also mark lessons as ‘Cancelled’ or ‘Missed’. LEARN MORE HERE.

  • To apply a travel fee to your lessons (e.g. if you have to travel long distances), make sure you select a higher hourly rate when logging the lesson as shown above. For example, just say your base charge is $40 per hour, but you want to charge a $10 travel fee. So when logging your lesson, you would apply a $50 charge to the client.
  • Please note that a 27.5% commission applies on all lesson hours with LearnMate. Be sure to select an hourly rate that takes into account LearnMate’s commission.
  • Please note that tutors are paid every Tuesday for lessons from the previous week.
  • UPDATING YOUR PROFILE & INFORMING US OF UNAVAILABILITY: If you ever need to update your profile, or inform us of any temporary/permanent unavailability, you can go here.

Interesting in knowing where the LearnMate 27.5% commission goes within the company? See the image below highlighting exactly where it goes!

Logging a Lesson with LearnMate – Step by Step Process