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 *** Halal Snack Pack – Reflection of Multicultural Australia? ***

Hi everyone!
In Unit 4 AOS 1, students often complain that finding original examples can be difficult – and understandably so. But if you look hard enough, you can definitely find many modern examples. In particular, in this AOS, many students look at how multiculturalism can be reflected in the lexicon used by everyday Aussies (such as food items and cultural/celebratory terms).
My brother Alex came across an interesting article on Facebook about how the embracement of the ‘Halal Snack Pack’ reflects the “diversity of Sydney and multiculturalism”. But first, what is a Halal Snack Pack for those who don’t know? At a simple level, it’s chips and meat with the holy trinity of sauces: garlic, chilli and barbecue, as quoted by Senator Sam Dastyari here:
But what does this have to do with English Language and linguistics? Well, firstly the lexical phrase ‘Halal Snack Pack’ is, in fact, an Aussie invention – reportedly invented in Sydney. Over the past year, the popularity of the Halal Snack Pack has increased quite dramatically, with many calling the dish a fusion between Middle-Eastern and European cuisines. According to Senator Sam Dastyari, “it’s about giving people that space and confidence to embrace their culture and their identity without feeling like they’re being excluded. That’s what becomes a social movement – it may not be the initial intention, but it’s giving store owners that confidence.”.
In another source, on the SBS website, according to Rachel Bartholomeusz: “The movement has been seen as a call for acceptance, a celebration of multiculturalism and a defiance of anti-Muslim sentiment.”
Always remember that language change is a reflection of shifting social and cultural values – so the fact this lexical phrase ‘Halal snack pack’ is becoming more popular and more well-known could arguably have a link to Australia’s multicultural values. If we weren’t as multicultural as we say we are, none of these foreign cuisines or even local fusions would exist.
I hope this helps with your essays!
Dmitri 🙂

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Reflecting on Multiculturalism With A Halal Snack Pack – LearnMate

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