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LearnMate Tutoring
Based on 216 reviews
Hanah Maki
22:57 29 Jul 20
Robyn Rowley
21:08 27 Jul 20
My daughter is very happy to have such a good tutor, they both clicked straight away. To see her excited and enthusiastic and not lost and confused really sums up LearnMate.
Dr Omaira Noor
12:16 26 Jul 20
gillian mondel
21:34 24 Jul 20
My son has been tutored by Caitlin Rochfort for vce Unit 3/4 software development and we have found her to be extremely knowledgeable and highly skilled in her craft. She is patient and understanding of the challenges students face in this subject and we would thoroughly recommend using Caitlin as she is an outstanding tutor. My son has gained so much and become passionate about this subject through Caitlin’s guidance.
Aliman Aiyuchi
10:52 20 Jul 20
Great tutor, my daughter loves her global politics tutor, good communication. she supplies useful resources and her own experiences and explanations, which really help my daughter build up her confidence to answer questions.
Tasfia Hossain
08:44 20 Jul 20
Catherine Antoniades
08:15 17 Jul 20
Hie Ping Wong
04:04 17 Jul 20
It has always been a challenge to me finding a good tutor for my kids until I found the LearnMate on google. After some researches, I decided to give it a go. Surprisingly it is easy to use and we can easily get connected with the tutors. Well done!
Helena Cameron
06:17 13 Jul 20
Wonderful first tutoring session for my year 9 son with a well qualified highly intelligent personable tutor who was clear about his approach and did much to assure my son of his capabilities to improve his Maths skills!
Marina Li
01:05 11 Jul 20
High quality, polite tutors who engage well with my child. Would recommend!
Sabina Sulovsky
03:24 10 Jul 20
Absolutely fantastic quality of tutoring. Excellent teaching skills. Highly recommend Sai U
Anoushka Jain
08:30 08 Jul 20
the tutors are helpful and the site is easy to operate.
Melissa Robertson
05:12 26 Jun 20
So good!!
Md. Zahangir Alom
01:38 26 Jun 20
My son's tutor Kylie is absolutely helpful and knowledge and very punctual. She is teaching my son step by step to achieve a goal. Lot of improvements since she started teaching via online. Thanks Learn mate and Kylie
Dunya Hayder
13:32 22 Jun 20
Josephine Amelia
05:49 21 Jun 20
Veer Gupta
06:04 13 Jun 20
Great class once again!
Chinmayi Krishnan
14:56 08 Jun 20
Easy to keep in touch with the tutors 🙂 Worth it
Nor Slee
10:39 05 Jun 20
Trying to tackle year 11 maths methods was very challenging for my son. Sukhraj approach was very professional. Explained topics well with examples and asked questions to ensure that my son really understood what was taught. Gave some assignment for practice after the tuition. Ensured us that he's available by phone and email if we need further clarification. Highly recommended.
Ashleigh Thompson
13:32 03 Jun 20
Tahlia was wonderful at explaining & helping my daughter to grasp concepts needed. She was friendly & flexible even with last minute exam help. Will continue to keep using LearnMate Tutoring.
Goodealing G
08:31 01 Jun 20
Great !
Soala Gogo
12:35 27 May 20
Anoushka Venkatesh
10:12 23 May 20
Has good tutors, has helped me improve my english a lot. Tutor helps you based on your needs, worth trying.
Karen Mierisch
07:49 21 May 20
Easy to navigate to search tutors, contact them and plan lessons. Payment is automated so set and forget. Our tutor, Rosie, is lovely and my daughter had a valuable 1st lesson.
John Vilar
06:03 21 May 20
Very helpful and flexible with your needs - they have very good tutors available
Bruce McCartney
00:52 15 May 20
Our tutor was on time and prepared for the first session. We are really happy with the outcome so far.
Joanne van Slageren
20:57 06 May 20
Lauren Kay
10:03 05 May 20
This was very easy to do and our tutor is lovely and helpful
Amy Tran
03:38 04 May 20
great tutor quality!!!
Vansh Shah
10:44 29 Apr 20
So LearnMate is a website from which I met Maddie who is an amazing english tutor but not only her, I saw many other great tutors whom seem to be very qualified. Learnmate's communication team is amazing and very helpful. Cheers,Vansh
Yvonne Z
12:25 28 Apr 20
LearnMate is an excellent tutoring platform. Glenda is the best maths tutor! She is very professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and patient. My daughter is very happy with Glenda.
Claire Craven
08:03 27 Apr 20
The service was really easy to connect with and the tutor chosen was amazing to work with. So happy!
Sue Fairclough
01:37 20 Apr 20
Hema Desai
06:43 07 Apr 20
I was first a bit apprehensive about LearnMate but they found a great tutor for my daughter and I love that I never have remember to pay or schedule lessons unless they change.
Ruby BH
23:10 01 Apr 20
Super efficient, fast way of finding great tutors! Only took me five minutes on their website to find one, who I am still using, and who is really helpful.
Diane Falzon
06:51 01 Apr 20
LearnMate Tutoring is a simple and user-friendly platform to handpick the ideal tutor. They are attentive and quick to respond. Well done in making this often daunting process so easy. And the tutor for my daughter is great.
Hân Nguyễn Ngọc
07:51 29 Mar 20
Nataliya Poshyvaylo-Towler
05:35 20 Mar 20
I’ve signed it to them LearnMate to arrange tutors for my Year 12 daughter. The process was easy and comprehensive. Once I’ve selected the tutors in my area, I’ve received list with contact details. What was even better the selected people have contacted me very quickly and we’ve arranged tutoring. Great service, happy with communication.
jun li
10:52 17 Mar 20
Daisy Chan
21:50 15 Mar 20
We have been very pleased with the services it provides - flexibility, quality and professional teaching.
Daisy Chan
21:44 15 Mar 20
2003 soccer
10:11 15 Mar 20
Kate Stewart
20:42 12 Mar 20
Very happy with LearnMate - good selection of relevant tutors and responsive, punctual & experienced candidates.
Jacqueline Smith
13:17 10 Mar 20
My son has had Grace as his maths tutor for almost 12 months now. In that time he has greatly improved his results. Grace is engaging, keeps my son focused and on task. My experience with Learnmate has been very positive!
Noah Marklew
12:25 10 Mar 20
Could not recommend math tutor Ming Lim more highly. Great online set up with audio and real time links, professional, patient and builds confidence in the student of their ability.
Shannon Virtue
10:02 10 Mar 20
Well designed website
07:51 09 Mar 20
Linda is a great tutor and making a difference!
Connie Restuccia
07:15 09 Mar 20
My sons Tutor James has been outstanding. Super professional and very kind. Thanks
Anastasia Oresti
10:24 27 Feb 20
Michelle Conder
09:38 24 Feb 20
Our year 10 daughter is being tutored by Courtney Love and she is fantastic. Enthusiastic, engaging, warm, friendly, and super smart. She has already helped our daughter enormously, and we will continue to use her services for as long as our daughter needs some extra help. We highly recommend her.
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By only accepting credit card or debit card, we have been able to create technology that allows you to get instant access to your tutor’s contact details today.

Why is this important? Because it means you can contact your tutor to help you today. We know how urgent getting a tutor can sometimes be, so we want you to get connected to your chosen tutor as soon as possible.

Here is why LearnMate provides you with the best tutors around.


For only $15.95 you’ll be given INSTANT access to the contact details of all our tutors on our site. This means you get access to over 1000 tutors’ details! You only ever pay $15.95 once, and we will work tirelessly to find you the best match. Your lessons with your LearnMate tutor is also protected by LearnMate’s Good Fit Guarantee.


The $15.95 matching fee allows us to provide your tutor with resources & support to help them become the best tutor possible! LearnMate provides in-person training days for our tutors and weekly tutor tips. This ensures you only get the most professional and effective tutor around. We also train our tutors to ensure they’re more than just your standard tutor.


LearnMate also provides you with weekly study tips! Not only do you receive support from your knowledgeable tutor, LearnMate also provides its students with public resources and EXCLUSIVE weekly study tips via email to help you succeed! LearnMate is more than just tutoring. We want to ensure a well-rounded educational experience.


If you haven’t selected a tutor, the $15.95 matching fee allows us to search for the most suitable in-person or online tutor (depending on the mode of teaching you select). We look at tutors’ locations, qualifications and personalities to ensure you get the best tutor! If you’ve already found a tutor you’d like to contact, the matching allows you to book a lesson with a tutor and get their contact details.


When you enquire today, we’ll give you instant access to our 48 page school success guide, covering everything you or your child will need to know for succeeding in the school, the ATAR and beyond. Our amazing guide put together in detail by our tutors covers topics such as time management, stress management, goal setting, timetable planning, university pathways and subject selection.


  • Will I be charged more than $15.95 once I submit the form?

No. You will never be charged more than $15.95 to contact any tutor on LearnMate. You only pay this once, meaning you can contact as many tutors as you’d like with lifetime access for a one-off fee!

  • How do I trust you with my credit / debit card?

Payments are processed securely and safely through Stripe, one of the world’s trusted and most secure online payment processors. When you pay with your credit or debit card, we never see your card number and do not have authorisation to charge it unless lessons occur.

  • Why do you have a $15.95 access fee on LearnMate?

The $15.95 matching fee allows us vet, screen and train your tutor by providing them with resources & support to help them become the best tutor possible! LearnMate also provides you with weekly study tips delivered right to your email inbox. Finally, when you enquire today, we’ll give you instant access to our 48 page school success guide, covering everything you or your child will need to know for succeeding in school, the ATAR and beyond! We want to ensure a well-rounded educational experience when you join LearnMate beyond just getting a standard tutor.

  • Can I really get instant access to the contact details of my chosen tutors?

You definitely can! If you have selected tutors by using our search map, then you will be given instant access to the contact details of any of the tutors you’ve saved. You can then contact them right away to prevent delays in your education. We must note that your chosen tutor(s) are notified of your contact details as well so you both are made aware.

  • Do you accept any other payment methods other than credit / debit card?

Unfortunately at this stage, we can’t accept any other payment methods other than credit card or debt card. However by only accepting credit card or debit card, we have been able to create technology that allows you to get instant access to your tutor’s contact details today. Why is this important? Because it means you can contact your tutor to help you today. We know how urgent getting a tutor can sometimes be, so we want you to get connected to your chosen tutor as soon as possible.

With other payment methods such as bank transfer or cash, we wouldn’t be able to offer such a service as they are delayed forms of payment.

  • Do your tutors teach both in-person and online?

Our tutors can teach in both in-person and online modes. When you search for a tutor on our site and enquire for their contact details, you have the option of selecting an in-person or online tutor depending on your needs.

  • Where can I see past reviews from LearnMate customers?

You can see some glowing reviews of current and past LearnMate customers here.

  • Do I need to fill out this form again if I am a current LearnMate customer?

No. If you have already filled out this form previously or are a current LearnMate customer, you do not need to fill it out again, and so please contact us instead.

Philanthropic Tutoring

LearnMate proudly provides philanthropic tutoring to seriously ill children for Ronald McDonald House Charities Australia.

8,000+ Students

Since our inception in early 2015, LearnMate has successfully helped over 8,000 students nationwide (through in-person and online tutoring) achieve success in their studies!

80,000+ Hours of Tutoring

Our tutors have proudly conducted over 80,000 hours of in-person or online tutoring lessons - that's the same as over 4.8 million minutes straight of tutoring!

1000 In-Person & Online Tutors

With over 1000 tutors and the largest network in Australia, you can get instantly connected to any primary or high school tutor for in-person or online lessons today!

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