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While LearnMate provides professional and knowledgeable tutors to students, we do not guarantee student results. The result of a student is dependent on many factors, including their study habits, work ethic, schooling experience, teaching methods and engagement at school.

While LearnMate endeavours to provide the best tutors possible to help support and guide the student, our tutors should not be viewed as a replacement for laziness, nor the providers of a guaranteed result. LearnMate hereby claims that the Company will not be legally responsible should results not be deemed desirable by a Client.

The term ‘qualified’ on the LearnMate site stands for a past Year 12 graduate who has attained the study score for their respective subject. ‘Qualified’ should not be confused with having earned a teaching degree unless otherwise stated by the tutor in their profile.

From 25 September 2020, LearnMate Tutoring will reimburse the $15.95 student access fee upon the completion of their first lesson with a LearnMate Tutor. The access fee reimbursement will appear on the first invoice issued to the student and appear as a $15.95 deduction.

  • This credit towards the student’s first lesson is only permitted once per email address per family or individual student.
  • This credit is not redeemable for cash. 
  • If the request for a refund of the access fee occurs before the first lesson, then LearnMate will refund the $15.95 back to the credit card used to register the student, and the account will be deleted.
  • LearnMate is not obligated to refund the access fee after the initial lesson takes place. However, we will always work with our clients to try to ensure a satisfactory outcome for all parties.

If you have any questions about the LearnMate disclaimer, please contact us here.