Coronavirus Outbreak – LearnMate’s Response

Coronavirus Outbreak – LearnMate’s Response

LearnMate understand many of you will be concerned about COVID-19 and are closely following the situation as it continues to evolve and unfold around the world. A few days ago the World Health Organisation (WHO) officially declared COVID-19 a pandemic.

LearnMate will now be operating in line with its pandemic plan. As such, we will continue to adapt and adjust our operations to deliver high-quality tutoring to our students while ensuring all students, parents and tutors remain safe. As we pivot we will keep you informed with changes as and when they occur.

We have appropriate business continuity planning and procedures in place, and our next steps will be informed by the overall guidance from the World Health Organisation (WHO), and decisions made by the federal and state governments and associated health services.

To get started on seeing how you can best prepare to ensure continuity of educational support and best reduction of health risks, please select a link below:



As always if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

Coronavirus Outbreak – LearnMate’s Response