End of Unit 3 – Revision Time for VCE Chemistry Students

End of Unit 3 – Revision Time for VCE Chemistry Students!

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Most of you would have finished Unit 3 or be close to finishing Unit 3. Since VCAA abolished mid-year exams it is so crucial now that you allocate time to revise on the stuff you have learnt in Unit 3, as Unit 3 will be examined in the end of year exams!

As Term 2 begins to come to an end, now is the perfect time to begin revising on your Unit 3 materials so that you can consolidate what you have learnt so far.

The best way to do this is through doing practice exams. Past VCAA papers are a great starting point, however, your teachers should have access to exam papers from different companies such as NEAP or TSSM which you can do as well. If your teacher has not already given them to you, you should go and ask for them ASAP!

Be aware however that some of the Science courses such as Chemistry, Biology and Physics have a new study design this year so past exam papers may not cover exactly what you have learnt. They will contain certain topics that you would have learnt in class nonetheless. Because of this, my advice to you is to get your hands on this year Checkpoints, as they will have questions from past VCAA papers organised into topics that you would have studied this year.

Another revision tool that I think most people will find helpful is to make a checklist of all the topics that you have studied so far so that you can tick them off as you are revising. I have made a checklist for my Chemistry students which lists out all the topics that we have studied, which they can use for their revision. I have included a sample below:

By doing your revision now, you will be able to identify the areas that you need to work on and get the help that you need from your teachers and tutors.

ALWAYS ask for help from your teachers and/or tutors – they are there to help you!

Happy studying ☺

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End of Unit 3 – Revision Time for VCE Chemistry Students

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