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The best results for students are almost always produced over an extended period of time, so making sure you plan tutoring well in advance for either yourself or your child is very important. Here are just a few case studies of students experiencing success with their tutors over a 1 to 2 year period.

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Regina Todarello
06:26 19 Aug 20
💪 excellent service and a great way for my child to interact and get help
06:09 17 Aug 20
My daughter is very happy with the tutoring, finally she seems to be understanding topics like never before.
Xxsunflower Girl
10:14 16 Aug 20
LearnMate tutoring put us in touch with the best and most reliable tutor my family have ever used (Nicholas). I can not recommend them highly enough! Anita
Kai Gobeo
01:09 15 Aug 20
They have very insightful tutors and easy to get in contact
Loveena Narayanen
07:27 13 Aug 20
My daughter is very happy with the tutors from learmate In these challenging times and being in Year 12, it has been particularly helpful for her to have one on one sessions and ask questions. Both tutors Casey for Maths and Georgia for English Language have been very good!
Sabina Sulovsky
11:22 12 Aug 20
Absolutely fantastic quality of tutoring. Excellent teaching skills. The process was seem less. Highly recommend Sai U. Super impressive
Jacquie Caldwell
03:16 12 Aug 20
I can highly recommend Alana Hayes-Chen who recently provided Spanish ab initio tutoring for my teenage son who is completing the IB Diploma/Year 12. Alana communicated with us promptly and worked with our schedule to provide intensive tutoring to an extremely high standard. Her skills in this subject were very evident, and her ability to convey information clearly meant that my son achieved his goals. I would have no hesitation in recommending Alana to any potential student seeking tutoring, not only in Spanish but a number of other IB subjects. Thank you Alana!
Abdullah Razee
08:50 11 Aug 20
LearnMate is a very good marketplace where you are trying to find home tutors for your kids or children. For a very affordable fees you get access to a large pool of Tutors and you can choose the best person suitable for your situation. I would recommend anyone to use this platform who is looking for a home tutor or online tutor for their kids.
Olivia Vouris
07:15 10 Aug 20
Lovely tutor! So prepared and professional!
Napalh Deng
04:29 06 Aug 20
This website has amazing tutors who have so much knowledge about teaching kids and having fun with them so they don’t get to bored or tired. They care so caring and polite. I highly Recommend them.
Cathie Gilbert
09:51 05 Aug 20
My daughter had her first lesson yesterday and she found him very good and explained things for her to understand. Very happy so far with the choice of tutor we choose.
Robert Dore
21:29 01 Aug 20
My daughter received a C on geography and from 1 lesson achieved a B. Now we are working on maths and after 2 weekend lessons I’m seeing massive improvements and more understanding when it comes to the time length in doing homework.Our tutor is Mark and even he is excited with her progress. When both parties are willing to achieve the same goals, nothing is impossible.Thanks LearnMate.
Lynette Kyriakos
00:19 01 Aug 20
Very happy with our experience using LearnMate to find a Maths tutor for Year 11. Nicholas has been great and we have been able to continue with tutorials using zoom during COVID-19. We also get get weekly lesson reports.
Sarah Hay
22:20 30 Jul 20
I would highly recommend! brilliant tutors!
Hanah Maki
22:57 29 Jul 20
Robyn Rowley
21:08 27 Jul 20
My daughter is very happy to have such a good tutor, they both clicked straight away. To see her excited and enthusiastic and not lost and confused really sums up LearnMate.
Dr Omaira Noor
12:16 26 Jul 20
gillian mondel
21:34 24 Jul 20
My son has been tutored by Caitlin Rochfort for vce Unit 3/4 software development and we have found her to be extremely knowledgeable and highly skilled in her craft. She is patient and understanding of the challenges students face in this subject and we would thoroughly recommend using Caitlin as she is an outstanding tutor. My son has gained so much and become passionate about this subject through Caitlin’s guidance.
Aliman Aiyuchi
10:52 20 Jul 20
Great tutor, my daughter loves her global politics tutor, good communication. she supplies useful resources and her own experiences and explanations, which really help my daughter build up her confidence to answer questions.
Tasfia Hossain
08:44 20 Jul 20
Catherine Antoniades
08:15 17 Jul 20
Hie Ping Wong
04:04 17 Jul 20
It has always been a challenge to me finding a good tutor for my kids until I found the LearnMate on google. After some researches, I decided to give it a go. Surprisingly it is easy to use and we can easily get connected with the tutors. Well done!
Helena Cameron
06:17 13 Jul 20
Wonderful first tutoring session for my year 9 son with a well qualified highly intelligent personable tutor who was clear about his approach and did much to assure my son of his capabilities to improve his Maths skills!
Marina Li
01:05 11 Jul 20
High quality, polite tutors who engage well with my child. Would recommend!
Anoushka Jain
08:30 08 Jul 20
the tutors are helpful and the site is easy to operate.
Melissa Robertson
05:12 26 Jun 20
So good!!
Md. Zahangir Alom
01:38 26 Jun 20
My son's tutor Kylie is absolutely helpful and knowledge and very punctual. She is teaching my son step by step to achieve a goal. Lot of improvements since she started teaching via online. Thanks Learn mate and Kylie
Dunya Hayder
13:32 22 Jun 20
Josephine Amelia
05:49 21 Jun 20
Veer Gupta
06:04 13 Jun 20
Great class once again!
Chinmayi Krishnan
14:56 08 Jun 20
Easy to keep in touch with the tutors 🙂 Worth it
Nor Slee
10:39 05 Jun 20
Trying to tackle year 11 maths methods was very challenging for my son. Sukhraj approach was very professional. Explained topics well with examples and asked questions to ensure that my son really understood what was taught. Gave some assignment for practice after the tuition. Ensured us that he's available by phone and email if we need further clarification. Highly recommended.
Ashleigh Thompson
13:32 03 Jun 20
Tahlia was wonderful at explaining & helping my daughter to grasp concepts needed. She was friendly & flexible even with last minute exam help. Will continue to keep using LearnMate Tutoring.
Goodealing G
08:31 01 Jun 20
Great !
Soala Gogo
12:35 27 May 20
Anoushka Venkatesh
10:12 23 May 20
Has good tutors, has helped me improve my english a lot. Tutor helps you based on your needs, worth trying.
Karen Mierisch
07:49 21 May 20
Easy to navigate to search tutors, contact them and plan lessons. Payment is automated so set and forget. Our tutor, Rosie, is lovely and my daughter had a valuable 1st lesson.
John Vilar
06:03 21 May 20
Very helpful and flexible with your needs - they have very good tutors available
Bruce McCartney
00:52 15 May 20
Our tutor was on time and prepared for the first session. We are really happy with the outcome so far.
Joanne van Slageren
20:57 06 May 20
Lauren Kay
10:03 05 May 20
This was very easy to do and our tutor is lovely and helpful
Amy Tran
03:38 04 May 20
great tutor quality!!!
Vansh Shah
10:44 29 Apr 20
So LearnMate is a website from which I met Maddie who is an amazing english tutor but not only her, I saw many other great tutors whom seem to be very qualified. Learnmate's communication team is amazing and very helpful. Cheers,Vansh
Yvonne Z
12:25 28 Apr 20
LearnMate is an excellent tutoring platform. Glenda is the best maths tutor! She is very professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and patient. My daughter is very happy with Glenda.
Claire Craven
08:03 27 Apr 20
The service was really easy to connect with and the tutor chosen was amazing to work with. So happy!
Sue Fairclough
01:37 20 Apr 20
Hema Desai
06:43 07 Apr 20
I was first a bit apprehensive about LearnMate but they found a great tutor for my daughter and I love that I never have remember to pay or schedule lessons unless they change.
Ruby BH
23:10 01 Apr 20
Super efficient, fast way of finding great tutors! Only took me five minutes on their website to find one, who I am still using, and who is really helpful.
Diane Falzon
06:51 01 Apr 20
LearnMate Tutoring is a simple and user-friendly platform to handpick the ideal tutor. They are attentive and quick to respond. Well done in making this often daunting process so easy. And the tutor for my daughter is great.
Hân Nguyễn Ngọc
07:51 29 Mar 20
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Matthew approached Dmitri for English Language tutoring at the end of his Year 10 studies in late 2015. Over a 2 year period, Dmitri worked with Matthew on a weekly basis by having an hour lesson each Tuesday evening. Dmitri would thoroughly prepare for the lesson with Matthew through a lesson plan and would attend each lesson with a goal in mind. Matthew would also try to complete as much work as he could and ensure that he was doing his own research and work outside of class in school and the tutoring lesson. Since then his results skyrocketed, with Matthew obtaining the Year 12 English Language prize at his school in October 2017, and finally obtaining a 48 study score for English Language in December 2017. What can be taken away from this case study is that weekly lessons do benefit the student provided:

  • he or she is willing to put the work in outside of the lesson
  • he or she is willing to be persistent and proactive in their learning
  • he or she takes an interest in part or all of the subject.

LearnMate would like to congratulate Matthew on his success in Year 12 and wishes him the best of luck for his post-school studies.


To tutor not only means to help facilitate education, but to facilitate the development of the student, academically, mentally – and sometimes even in their character. It is one thing for a mid-top range student to improve in their marks and impress those around them – but far more rewarding to see a complete 180 degree turn around of a student in the space of a year.

Lucas’ mother called me in August of 2016 asking for help with her son as he entered his HSC year which begins in Term 4 in NSW. He lived 15 minutes away and I had enough space in my schedule to fit him in. She is a lovely woman who clearly just wanted her son to get the best out of his HSC year. We organised to meet at Liverpool Catholic club over coffee to discuss how we would move forward.

During the meeting Lucas was quiet – he seemed a bit disengaged and spoke about school as though it was just something in which he managed to get by without much effort. We talked about what subjects he did and worked out I would be able to help him with Modern History, Studies of Religion and English Standard. Regina was happy with how it went and we organised a lesson for the next week.

Over the next month I helped him in his final few weeks of the preliminary year (Year 11) and tried to give him some last minute help in the three subjects listed above. His main problems were over-verbose language, poor time management and lack of prioritisation and study in general – he did not care much about school at that point. In short – he was a bit of a party animal.

The next term he got his prelim results and they were less than satisfactory – managing a 60% at best and several borderline or straight fails. I told him that although those exams didn’t count towards his HSC he had to use this as a wake up call as from this point onwards everything counted. 5 weeks later, after teaching him his related text for English, Sarah’s Key and his prescribed text The Story of Tom Brennan – he did his Year 12 English speech – in which he got 14/15 straight off the bat. When I told his mother – she told me she was doing ‘the happy dance’.

But this was only the beginning. We then studied for his upcoming modern history WW1 based exam – we worked for about 4 hours the night before on the final question which was the most difficult – and in his results he got almost full marks in all sections except for that final question – because he ran out of time. This was a wake up call for me that not only did I have to assist in his knowledge and understanding of the subject – I needed to show him exam technique and practice time management.

Come his half yearlies – he hit his first proper mock exam of the HSC. Although we spent a lot of time working on his understanding of each text – the exam hit him hard and he received 58% which was disappointing for him considering the effort he had been putting in. One of the main issues in his exams was the lack of sense his work made because of his excessive use of over-verbose language that was completely unnecessary and actually hindering his style. I knew he was an intelligent boy – and I knew how to fix this. I banned him from and we wrote a three paragraphs together the next lesson.

First, he wrote it as he normally would. Second, I told him to write it as though he was speaking to an intelligent friend. Third, we wrote it together and I told him the ideal style to use – and he realised it was almost identical to his second paragraph. It clicked with him that the essay was not about showing off, it was about showing an idea as efficiently and effectively as possible.

It was time for me to show him how to study a lot smarter rather than harder. After a few weeks – his next assignment was due for English. He got 70%. Then a religion exam on Christianity and Judaism – down again to 65% – always due to time management. Then a modern history exam. Some context – this was the personality study – the most difficult section of the exam. We spent hours deconstructing past questions and answering them. I told him constantly – the HSC is not about preparing for THE question – it is about preparing for ANY question. You have to be able to select from what you know based on the question of the day to demonstrate how well you understand each angle of a given idea.

Lo and behold, with these new pieces of advice in mind – he got a Band 5 in this exam – 84%. He was suddenly shocked by his ability and began to love the subject even more.

Come the end of trials – his results had improved substantially – but he still wasn’t quite reaching the potential I knew he had. As an example, he was writing on average 2-3 pages per essay in his 2 hour English paper 2 exam – in which you write three essays – the expected length for which is about 6-8 pages for top Band answers. 2 weeks before the HSC exams began – his knowledge of each text was better than some of my own in the HSC. His manner of writing and tone was different. He no longer spoke with the West Liverpool slang and pronunciation as much he once did. He was genuinely interested and passionate about what he was doing. We refined his English Standard text studies, modern history and Studies of religion study notes, and began deconstructing practice questions.

This is where my technique became a little less orthodox. I consistently told him he had to do practice essays before the exam – each time I would arrive he would either say he got too stressed out or didn’t have time. So I decided to make him do the essay on the spot – he was in shock. At first, I thought it would be unfair if I spent 40 minutes of a lesson watching him write – but I realised there was no other choice. Either this – or watch his essay length falter.

The first essay he did – he managed 1.5 pages and his deconstruction of the question was poor. He asked what it would have gotten and I told him honestly it could only have gotten a 6/15. He was horrified. I set the timer again. 2 and 3/4 pages – 8/15. I told him he needed a 12/15 in his exam to break even. He understood. One week later, his HSC exams began. In paper one, where there is one essay – he wrote 7 pages. I was in shock. Then on paper two he called me after his exam sounding calm – again – I was in shock. Paper two is known as hell on earth or death of the hand that writes by most in NSW.

He wrote 20 pages. 6 pages question 1. 8 pages question 2. 6 pages question 3. Words could not describe how impressed I was and I called his mum straight after to celebrate over the phone.

In modern history that same Friday – he wrote another 20 pages – albeit a 3 hour exam, he explained to me the way in which he reconstructed each question – with the same precision and left field thinking as he said he had done in paper one and two of english. Nothing could describe how proud I was of him. His religion exam was much the same. He adopted the technique specifically needed for the exam and applied it to each question. On Tuesday the 7th of November, he finished his HSC exams – calm, proud and humble.

I always tell my students, if nothing else – finish your exams healthy. There is no point having the HSC destroy your mental and physical health just for a number and in the hope that your exams will impress those around you. Ironically – I feel like the HSC developed Lucas into a bigger and stronger person – he now doesn’t take things at face value, and questions things respectfully. He no longer exaggerates stories to impress people – he is interested in the world ahead and is excited for the next chapter in his life – he wants to study a new degree at Macquarie University called Security Studies combined with Business administration – courses he had never even heard of let alone wanted to pursue in tertiary studies and his working life.

Pride is one thing to have in someone’s achievements, but when you’ve helped them do it – it instils in you a sense of humility. It taught me that tutoring is not about the money – or showing off a student’s successes. It is about helping them outgrow you as a student – and as a person of value and passion in everything that you do.

That’s why I tutor.


Were you happy with our service and with our tutors? If so, we’d love to hear from you.

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