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Nicholas B Years 7-10, BSSS Maths, BSSS Physics, BSSS Chemistry, BSSS English, BSSS Earth Science, BSSS Music and BSSS Philosophy Tutor

Hi, I'm Nicholas, a Years 7-10, BSSS Maths, BSSS Physics, BSSS Chemistry, BSSS English, BSSS Earth Science, BSSS Music and BSSS Philosophy Tutor, and I'm here to help you achieve academic success.

Aman C Years 7-10, BSSS Essential Maths, BSSS Maths Applications, BSSS Maths Methods, BSSS Specialist Maths, BSSS Physics, BSSS Chemistry, BSSS English and BSSS Religion Tutor

Hi there! I’m Aman, and I'm here to help you with Years 7-10, BSSS Essential Maths, Maths Applications, Maths Methods, Specialist Maths, Physics, Chemistry, English and Religion (98.55). Enjoy a rigorous learning experience in a simple and engaging manner that is guaranteed to improve your results!

What is Physics?

Physics is often described as the study of matter and energy. It is concerned with how matter and energy relate to each other, and how they affect each other over time and through space. Physicists ask the fundamental questions: How did the universe begin? How and of what is it made? How does it change? What rules govern its behavior?

Physics can also be described as the science dealing with physical quantities. In this regard, physics is widely considered to be the most fundamental (and important) of all the natural sciences. After all, physics pertains to the quantification of almost all matter that exists in this world.

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