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Time Management Tips.

Managing your time is a skill and like any skill it can easily be learnt! Want to know how to manage your time in exams? Want to know how to manage your homework timetable to ensure effective use of your time? Our easy guide will show you how to manage your time effectively.

Stress Management Tips.

A little bit of stress can be a good thing as it motivates us to knuckle down and work hard. But exams can make stress levels get out of hand, which can stop us from performing our best. So it's important to address it and get it back under control with this easy to follow guide.

After ATAR Tips.

Did you know that getting a high ATAR isn't rocket science? There are certain steps you should aim to follow to maximise your chances of getting a high ATAR, including being positive, managing your time, doing practice exams and working hard. This video will show you how to achieve this.

15 ATAR Tips.

Got not a clue what you want to do when you finish school? Or, do you just need some extra guidance to make sure you make the best decision for yourself? LearnMate provides all school leavers with some amazing resources provided by our phenomenal tutors.

48 Page ATAR Success Guide – Download Today!