Answer These Questions to Find Out Which Food You Are

August 31, 2020joelleva

Are you sweet or savoury? Take this quiz to find out… 

Question 1: What are you like at school? 

  1. The one who says they didn’t study, but gets A+ on every test
  2. Laid-back
  3. Pretty average
  4. The hard worker - aiming high!
  5. Just a classic procrastinator

Question 2: How often do you study? 

  1. Oh, every now and then
  2. Whenever I feel like it
  3. I try to do a bit every day
  4. I have a study schedule, so all the time
  5. Never

Question 3: What type of learner do you think you are? 

  1. Visual (I learn by seeing things)
  2. Auditory (I learn by hearing)
  3. Kinaesthetic (I learn by doing things)
  4. I’m a mixture of several types
  5. I have no clue

Question 4: Who helps you with your study? 

  1. My teachers
  2. Family members
  3. Sometimes I recite things I'm memorising to my pet
  4. My tutor
  5. What study?

Question 5: What motivates you to study?

  1. Getting into the course I want to do
  2. Chocolate
  3. Pressure from my family
  4. My desire for a good ATAR
  5. Naps

Time to tally up your results!

Mostly A: You are plain yoghurt.

Chronically underrated but nonetheless very important. You have ambition (you don't like being called "plain"), and you know that you can get where you want in life.

Mostly B: You are nachos.

Great in a large group of friends and loved by many. You keep things in perspective and know what you think is most important in life: cheese.

Mostly C: You are a pineapple.

You may be prickly on the outside, but really, you're sweet on the inside. Sometimes you worry about what others think of you, but don't worry, no one hates you.

Mostly D: You are wholemeal bread.

Everything about you is unapologetically wholesome. Some people might resent you for your virtues, but you are of great value, even if some think you're occasionally annoying.

Mostly E: You are a burger.

Congratulations. Everyone likes you, but you might be a bit unhealthy in large doses. You may not be the biggest fan of school, but you make other people happy!

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