This article was written by Megan McKimmie-Doherty, a current VCE Chemistry Tutor. Megan is currently accepting students, so if you’re interested in her services, you can see her profile here

With so many university and TAFE courses how do you decide which one is best for you? This is a question that most VCE students have and the choices are endless. In order to make a decision on which course is right for you, here are a few things to consider to hopefully make the choice a little easier.

  1. Speak to current students studying the course. The amount of material on courses online and in brochures is never-ending but there is nothing like hearing what a course is actually like compared to hearing it first hand from someone already in the course.
  2. Travel distance. This is a very important aspect when deciding where to study. Commuting every day can be hard work and very tiring. You need to consider how you will travel to and from the campus and whether there is accessible public transport as this can significantly affect travel time.
  3. Job opportunities at the completion of your degree should be considered when applying for a course. Many courses have minimal graduate jobs available at the end and students need to bear this in mind before applying.
  4. Exchange opportunities. An exchange is a fantastic opportunity to make new friends and travel the world, which many courses and universities offer. If you are interested in completing an exchange program during your degree you should always make sure that it is offered for your course and find out the criteria to be able to apply for exchange as early as possible.
  5. The course and institutions reputation. Universities pride themselves on their ranking and employers strongly consider the university or TAFE where you study or complete your training.
  6. The range of subjects available. There is such a diverse range of courses from ones where all of your subjects are decided for you to others where you choose each individual subject. The diversity of what you want to study compared to what a course offers is something that varies significantly between courses and you should look closely into what each course entails and what you are looking to gain from the degree.

Ultimately the choice of where you study is up to you and is one of the biggest decisions you will have made so far in your life. I encourage that you strongly consider all aspects of a course and recommend attending university open days and information nights as well as gaining knowledge from those currently studying the degree to allow you to make an informed decision for what is best for you.

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