Nick Xuereb – Admin, Customer & Tutor Support

About Nick

Hi there! My name is Nick and am glad to be a part of the LearnMate team not just as a private English tutor, but also as a part of the LearnMate staff. My roles include administration, customer support and tutor support. 

Qualifications & Educational Background

I graduated from Williamstown High School in 2012 with an ATAR OF 94.10 and study scores of 42 in English and 50 in English Literature. In units 3 & 4 for English I received perfect marks in all my coursework. In 2016 I completed my combined Honours degree in Creative Writing and English & Theatre Studies at the University of Melbourne, graduating with First Class Honours.

I have been tutoring for over three years now and have an honest passion for helping students achieve their best results in VCE. I’m enthusiastic about the subjects I teach and am always excited to engage in a dialogue with students about books and writing. I know VCE is challenging, so I aim to lend a sympathetic ear to students who might be having difficulties, or to those who just feel they could do with a little extra assistance.

My roles within LearnMate

I will now be your first point of contact for admin & billing related enquiries. My assigned roles:

  • Replying to Emails & Messages & Calls
  • Billing Related Enquiries
  • General Admin Related Enquiries from Tutors & Students
  • Some Sales Calls/Messages
  • Issuing Invoices, Confirming Payments, Late Payments, Prepaid Packages
  • Following Up Feedback from Clients/Tutors
  • Following Up New Tutor/Student Connections
  • Calling Prospective Tutors, Sending Questionnaires & Activating Their Profiles
  • Uploading/Updating Tutor Profiles to LM & Programming Into Map
  • Adding in Travel Fees to Student Profiles
  • Any Other General Admin Work at Dmitri’s Discretion

If you have any specific questions relating to admin and billing as well as tutor support, please direct them to Nick at If you wish to contact Dmitri privately, please email him at

Nick Xuereb – Admin, Customer & Tutor Support